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  1. At first, I just want to say that in spite of all that problems and failures, all the people which I met enjoyed the festival. So, all started in Saturday's afternoon. I met Julia, Katrin and Christine from Latvian MUSE fan-club. We all was in perfect mood, waiting for Scissor Sisters and, of course, MUSE. Katrin and Christine made a flag with band's symbol and other stuff. We also get labcoat (for Matthew) with special signature. Our final cause was to collect as many signatures and greetings to band as we can, what, btw, we also succeeded. Why? We wanted to throw up on to the stage this unlucky piece of sheet (not very original, but useful). And then, after the encore, started the problems. People let Katrin from the first to the third row so she could throw this damn flag. And short time before she wanted to do it, security-monkey TOOK AWAY flag with very detailed reason - "LATER". Ok, just after Knights of Cydonia last chords, we took the flag and ran to the nearest place we could bring that gifts. As you already realize, security was waiting us with very "welcoming" attitude. We asked it to 6 GUARDES, generally. In this time (about a half hour) we - me and Katrin (Christine "disappeared" somewhere) - ran from stage's one side to side, PRAY that we don't have to meet band, just bring gifts, we were SO desperate that we tried to get over the backstage's fence! Of course, we didn't do nothing, but in this time we had to listen to guard-monkey's jokes - that we should run after the car with wich band have just left or send gifts by carrier pigeon. Thank you, security company, for the biggest disappoint for many years - thanks to you, we broke not only our own ideas, but also betrayed all the people who helped us to develop thoose gifts. We express our apologies to all people who signed the flag - now it's located quite far from the place where it should be. But we hope that we'll get those wishes to band. We hope.
  2. tiešām ļoti, ļoti, ļoti žēl bet es ceru, nē, ES ZINU, ka tu vēl tiksi uz 1877283378 MUSE koncertiem Latvijā.!! jā, lūk tā. nepārdzīvo stipri. cik zinu, pa LOL fm būs tiešā translācija : )
  3. Butterflies and Hurricanes - "beeest, you`ve got to be the beeest..." ; Soaked - "I will take you home, it's not the first time, it's not the worst crime, our souls will be ok".
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