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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Muse, lol...music, reading, partying, going to the movies, champagne!
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    Supply Chain Coordinator
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    Placebo, The Killers, Garbage, Franz Ferdinand, Stereophonics, Birds of Tokyo, Linkin Park
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    Game Of Thrones, Vikings, Stranger Things, Narcos, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, American Horror Story, This Is Us, House Of Cards, Riverdale, The OA, Z Nation, Lucifer.
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    Brisbane December 5th, 2010!!!!!!! Now also in Brisbane in December 2013!!!!
    Can't wait to see them on the 18th of December 2017 at Rod Laver!!
  1. Yay...so excited!! πŸŽΈπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸŽΈβ€οΈ
  2. Only three more weeks to go my dearest fellow Musers!!!!! So freaking excited to see them again!!!:)
  3. I'm definitely going!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see them again...I'm so relieved that it's in December as my bub is due in October so I wont miss out...thank God for family in Brissy who can babysit for us!!
  4. I love him for all the reasons that have already been posted...his looks, talent, personality, etc however one of the main reasons for me is the way his voice touches my heart...I know it sounds corny but when I'm listening to Muse it's like Matt is touching me and lifting my spirits...there are very few artists who can do that...Matt is definitely one of them xx;)
  5. He's hot either way but I personally prefer him with black hair....he's such a sex god I wouldn't care what colour his hair was....I'd be focused on other things...lol...
  6. I now have my 2 x Gold Standing tix to Brisvegas...wasn't sure if I should go to Sydney or Brissy as I live in Townsville...then I thought it's my first Muse gig and their kicking off in Brissy so OMG I can't wait!!!!! See you all there!!!!!!!
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