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  1. I thought their performance was pretty bang tidy actually. Iuno, maybe it's just the fact it's a festival crowd rather than their 'own'. Like that poll thing they did, where as Fabri said, like 60% of the setlists completed were pretty much just OR and Opposites. God & Satan can fuck off. I'm not even that keen on Folding Stars but all the Biffy fanbois will hate me for that because it's well emotional because it's about his mum, but so what?


    but yeah, massive singalongs but stuff like Glitter & Trauma and LiaP, still. :(

    I agree about Folding Stars.


    The shit setlist was made up for by the amazing performance, and I couldn't give a shit about the crowd, I thought it was pretty wild from my point of view, I just go off in my own world. It was amazing, best gig of my life (and that's saying something).

  2. Rather upsettingly, the strains of affording a mortgage by myself are getting a little too much and I might have to sell my beloved Manson MA-2, which I bought just a month or 2 ago...




    Exactly as above with rosewood neck + I had a sustainer fitted, so the same pick-up combo as you would get in the MB-2, bought direct from Mansons for a total of about £1,600 including case and Manson leather strap.


    Would accept £1,450 + P&P for it all, sensible offers considered!


    Drop me an e-mail at ben.huggins@mac.com if you're interested or want any more info!


    You have twin P90s? Got pics?

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