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  1. Ahah! I hardly ever check my visitor messages :$

  2. Why thank you, but it's not EVERYONE's bday in gangster paradise :erm:

  3. Sorry mate, your "audience?" sig is SO FUCKING ANNOYING!!!! Who is it anyway?

  4. wow, straight over my head hahahah

  5. Cheers Liam! :) You too! :D

  6. hows your build going? post an update in the luthiery thread

  7. haahahahah loving the sig, though it should be a screen shot haha

  8. Hi Pip, I was the annoying kid standing next to you on Sunday with the banner! Sorry to see you had to get lifted out, I stayed for the whole thing it was great.

  9. Hahahha bad luck! That really sucks. Well after you left, Chris spoke to Dom who looked up, pointed and smiled at my banner, me and the american screamed abd went mad then Dom laughed! Also when the keytar came out I shouted undisclosed can fuck off! And Chris laughed. I think i was in tears throughout origin. I saw us on tv looked bored out of our fucking minds during Interpol, and for a second during pib. Our friend the security guard 301 went fuck it and turned around and started singing along... Hes lost his job! Did you get any good footage? I haven't checked yet!

  10. Oh yeah and a camera that filmed me and the American had the muse logo on, I recon we might be on a dvd, we live in hope anyway

  11. Haha sorry about that... :$ I thought as I was screaming there'll be hate xomments on youtoob about the crappy singer next to you! Haha I couldnt help it though... :LOL:

  12. Oh god what did I say... :eek: or sing... :/ :stunned:

  13. Omg, just watched the videos, so embarassing... Ah well I'm sure my screams of 'musegasm' and 'dead star' will go down in history... :$

  14. Really can I have a link to the post? :)


  16. :LOL:


    just seen this, I might do

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