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  1. Ah what?! I only meant to give it an eight. Shrinking universe, recess and nature_1 are all better tracks (in my opinion) and they are also eights. 8/10 for ashamed.
  2. Okay next song then. Ashamed My favourite thing about ashamed is how contrasting the soothing gentle climax to shine acoustic is to the feedback/screeching intro to this song. That riff, that bassline!!! Omg, such a good track. My favourite muse song to crank in the car at 20 when I'm pissed off. Although I gave no idea what he's singing the energy in this sing is incredible. Probably their heaviest track. Love the outro riff too. It's just so in your face. 8/10
  3. Haven't posted for a while. Micro Cuts is one of those songs you either love or hate. It was hate at first for me but then grew on me. I hated it because I couldn't understand a fucking word he said and it sounded like screeching. Plus for some reason when I first started listening to Muse, i didn't like his falsetto. (Thank fuck I changed my mind there) Anyway love how the previous song melds into this one seamlessly and then that opening riff and the drums. Terrific. I really love those orchestral chords in the chorus - one thing I always enjoyed about this song. Then later his equally highest note on any album track (with Showbiz) The breakdown is another awesome part of this song but truly it is magnificent from start to finish. It's good live but I think it is actually more powerful in the studio - especially nowadays since he doesn't go for that high note. 9/10
  4. I don't care if its cheesy or whatever - first Muse in three years apart from NSC (which I liked anyway) - said it before that I like every song they have ever released including Starlight, Overdue, GL and NSC so don't see this as being any different. Bring it on. haters gonna hate
  5. If they were real Musers, they would have told you to "Sit the FUCK down!!"
  6. Not much love for plug in baby Okay, here it is: quite possibly the best seven minutes and nineteen seconds of Muse. Citizen Erased What can be said? This is just a terrific song. I have mentioned that I have five songs that are on constant rotation for my favourite song by Muse. This song probably rests at number one the most. We open with those harmonics that make such wonderful noise. Never imagined that hainics could be so... Musical. That's Muse I guess. Kicking into that wicked bass line and equally awesome riff that just makes this song. What I love most about this track though is the synthy part just before the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, love how he goes up an octave mid sentence into absolutely pitch perfect falsetto. Then the much quieter second verse and chorus before all hell breaks loose in that breakdown just before the solo - yet another brilliant one from Bellamy!! Leading into yet another passionate chorus and finishing with a real bang... But the song doesn't finish there. The fact that they take such a powerful song and put a piano interlude in it right there at the end, a quiet, subdued yet equally passionate intro. That is something else. The whole damn song is something else. Something. Fucking. Epic. 11/10
  7. This is an ongoing thread since 2010. It just had a two year hiatus and has been resurrected recently. And all we have of 2nd Law is 2:09!
  8. OKay, way way time to move on. Spent too long on Hyper Music - think i'll speed this up too. Three days or less per song unless discussion is quite good. With a bit of luck, we might be ready to jump right into the new album as it will coincide. Anyway.... Plug-in-baby - actually it's not hyphenated is it? Anyway, cracking song this one. From the opening guitar riff all the way to the end it is just an absolutely mental song. I also don't subscribe to the theory that PiB gets weaker when it gets to the chorus. Think the chorus is fucking epic! Oh and that falsetto is immense in the second verse! This song is fun as fuck to sing in the car or shower or just about anywhere - impossible to sing it and not feel pumped! Anyway, what are people's thoughts of this one? Oh yeah live this song is fucking boss! 9/10
  9. Snakecharmer is probably, votv aside, my least favourite Rage track. But that baseline is killer. So they took the best part of the song and built a song around it. Nothing wrong with that.
  10. Reckon that discussion is completely dead on this one so we'll move on... Hyper Music is an interesting track. Like Uno from Showbiz, this is essentially a "Fuck You" song although I feel as though in Uno, the target deserved it, whereas in this one.... not sure? Anyway, I love the scratchy guitar intro leading into that terrific riff (possibly one of their best) adn the falsetto before the quieter verses. Such is the case for almost every song on this album. Quiet, subdued verse leading into big epic chorus! Back to HM, The bassline in this song is dead sexy too. Just saying. Not much else to mention about it, the song is a great way to kill three minutes, but all too soon, it's over. Would kill to see this live! Reckon it would be hard! 7/10
  11. Oh well each to their own I guess. I am probably the only person who doesn't really like the outro. I actually wouldn't say I don't like it. Just that it is my least favourite part of the song. That's more an indication on how good the song as a whole is than how bad the outro is. Anyway, a few more days on Space Dementia and then we move on. And hopefully it won't be nearly two years before our next song.
  12. That's long enough for Bliss then, we'll move onto Space Dementia. An absolute masterpiece. Yeah, the chorus is pretty much just part of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #2 but it still rocks. The piano first of all is just ridiculously good - its the kind of playing that makes you think "Holy shit, this is a ROCK band!!" and I love the echoey feel to this entire song, giving it a real space vibe. As I have mentioned on other threads, perhaps one of my favourite little subtleties is the drum triplets just before Matt holds the high note at the end of each half of the verse. While we're on drums, I love the slow drum build up going into every verse. Apparently (not being a drummer I can't say for sure) this is one of the most difficult drumming techniques to perform correctly. Something about it takes a very steady hand to make sure you hit it softly at first and then really belt into it as you go on. I also love the little piano interlude before the second verse starts as well - hell the whole song is awesome. Probably the only thing I don't like about this song is that after that distortion leading into the BRILLIANT solo/outro part the last thirty or so seconds is just noise and distortion - I mean I like the spacey vibe and everything like I mentioned early but it just seems wasteful to end such a terrific track on distortion. Having said that, it is the perfect lead into Hyper Music - Actually the flow of the whole album is just terrific if you listen to every track one after the other. The live version of this is incredible, Matt just goes absolutely off (as you'd expect) and murders the piano pretty much. Unfortunately I never have had the privilege of seeing this song live but from what I see on videos... 10/10 Right, we can resume discussion.
  13. Wow, that would be just amazing! Would be ecstatic with that set. I reckon that its pretty close except swap newborn for citizen erased since they played it last night. Would be great if they played that one though!
  14. I am absolutely stoked! I have one wish for tonight and that is to see citizen erased live. For some reason, Melbourne didn't get it last time when everyone else did and that was the stay of citizen erased stopping being a staple song. Since they played it last night, chances are they won't tonight, :-( but we may get bliss which is an awesome consolation. happy to be going tonight to be honest, considering my son was born on monday night and my wife just got out of hospital yesterday. As he was our first, I was considering not going since I thought my wife might need me but she said I should go because who knows when I will next see a Muse concert. in the end she insisted I go and enjoy myself as Muse are my favourite band. So this just caps off the best week of my life, I for one can't wait for the show to start, getting there late since I only just made my decision to go - I'll miss most of the support act but will at least be there to see Muse. The set last night was identical to Sydney night one so if we get the identical set to sydney night two tonight, I'll be pretty bloody happy. But again, I'm just absolutely stoked to be going in the first place!
  15. Hello fellow Musers! I haven't posted in a while because i'vebeen trying not to get too obsessed with Muse in case i'm sick of them by the time the concert rolls around... I have to say after reading the set list for Brisbane the 5th, i wasn't really getting any more excited but then seeing the setlist from the 6th changed that. The crappy thing is the 5th setlist has SIX songs (all from the latest album) I haven't seen live whereas the 6th setlist had ten... So if they do the whole good setlist first, normal setlist twice, i'll get roughly the same thing I got last time. But if they do the normal setlist first, I'll get really excited about seeing it because I'll most likely get some rarities and stuff in my concert.
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