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    Spring Sale

    Will the Australian tour merchandise go on sale also?
  2. Had my fluvax the other day and the person who gave it to me, who I work with, says " think of something nice" and I started humming Starlight going all dreamy in the face, he smirks and shakes his head at me. I am the well known Muser in our department. I changed my ringtone from Starlight because it scared him one day, it is now Citizen Erased!
  3. a power sees through a man’s eyes creates through a man’s hands and speaks through the images and words in patterns. within the bands lie the words. within the pictures lie the story. within the text, the praise of god. knots and crosses bind not only the power of god and nature but also the nature of man. colours fire upon fine vellum, upon imagination, soul and strike at the very heart of nature herself. more than creation there is destruction. more than salvation there is sacrifice. within the images lay the blood and tears of humanity and inhumanity. in the illumination there remains sorrow, remorse, for the power bound within the patterns is not that of the mortal conduit. It is of the force that guides the instruments hand. there is nothing for the scribe but agony. the reason is madness. the thought unclear. the task completed. the hand bleeding. the eyes weeping. the pattern complete. the power bound for now.
  4. If I was there at the same time NOTHING (apart from perhaps the absence of a ticket) would stop me from going! Oh well, need to find conferences in sync with concerts in the future. Going to Dublin for a conference next year - maybe???
  5. Ok, I admit it was when I saw Twilight. I heard SMBH and said to my cousins right then in the cinema, "I have to have this soundtrack, who the hell was that?". I tracked down the soundtrack, played it and then only listened to that one track. Did a search at the library and found HAARP, played it and proceeded to purchase all discs, DVDs etc. I realized I had heard Hysteria on an ad on the ABC for Wire in the Blood - perfect match (love that show). So there you are, history. Now I wander around this forum every evening when I sit with mini-Muser no.2 while he goes to sleep holding my hand.
  6. Lately when I have been driving around the Coast I keep coming across a car with the plates BLISS1. Dark colour with serious window tinting, very stealthy looking, never seen the driver.
  7. Heard Plug in Baby in the work car this morning on Triple J. Apologized to my colleague in the car, said this is one of my favorite songs, turned it up and she just kept talking. I suppose it was work time, but it also was Muse! I guess not everyone understands
  8. My two are mini-Musers (4yr and 3 yr) as well, Uprising is "the teddy bear song", they love Plug-In baby, Unintended is a lullaby for their favourite toys. Time is running out is "the creepy song". Mini-Muser No.1 loves Take a Bow and was crushed when told they didn't sing it at the concert we went to in December - I was told to send them a message that she was not happy - Muse, consider yourself told off by a 4yr old!
  9. Mini-muser No.1 and I walked into the bakery this morning looking for a birthday cake (I was wearing the muse butterfly shirt again) and heard The Resistance - big smile on my face. Mini-muser No.1 came out singing "it could be wrong, could be wrong":LOL: soo cute!
  10. 1. Hoodoo 2. Unintended 3. Hysteria 4. Uprising (live at Grammys) also known as "The teddy bear song" by my mini-Musers 5. Time is running out also known as "The creepy song", mini-Musers 6. Exo-politics 7. Citizen erased 8. Muscle museum 9. Feeling Good 10. Cave
  11. I'd rather be humiliated than follow AFL - actually following AFL up here is still humiliating (even if the Gold Coast is getting a new team soon). I noticed that the Rugby telecasts last year were using MUSE to go to ad breaks. Happy to hear them anytime, anywhere, anyhow!
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