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  1. Hello

    Sorry to bother you with this, but may I please have my username changed to swivelsister42 so it is in line with my twitter username etc?

    Thank you for considering this.



  2. Favourite one? Hmmmm, it's hard to decide between the haircut and the tattoo. I like the Atomic Kitten reference :)

  3. How is your entry going?

  4. I watched, them and you are right, they are funny, THANK YOU!

  5. How is your entry going in the comp?

  6. No, but I will now on your recommendation, thanks. They don't advertise here LOL.

  7. LOL, they may be funny adverts but that doesn't change the way it tastes ;-)

  8. You are welcome. Sorry, as an Aussie, cannot stand the stuff!

  9. I did, but do you really think Fosters is a good call? Assuming you are talking about beer.

  10. It would take more than just going back in time, it would also mean going all over the world! Honestly I would just love to have seen/heard them more than the once in Brisbane and from the spare room of our house (we live near the Big Day Out venue)
  11. I visited Teignmouth about a month ago (day trip from London) I didn't see many Muse-y things, though did the pier, wandered around a lot. Had lunch at the Beachcomber cafe on The Den, they have a signed Resistance cover and a photo from the Seaside Rendezvous concert. It's a lovely place to visit. Saw the shop with the posters on the way to the Ship Inn as well it was a nice day. Enjoy! Cheers!
  12. Oh and BTW, mini-Muser 1 saw the photo over my shoulder, "is that Matt's cake? Can I have one like that for MY birthday" Great, now you've started something!
  13. Hey, awesome work! And I know how hard it is to get the icing mix right, in the middle of the night! You did well with the red colouring as well, it can be difficult to get right (did Lightning McQueen last year for mini-Muser 2 last year). I am impressed!
  14. Oh yeah - the undisclosed is super warm and cosy! Winter here and it is on high rotation! It is seriously good quality - I was pleasantly surprised.
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