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  1. It sounds alright, cringe af to watch though.


    Honestly, if I was gonna combine the two, I'd have probably included the first quiet section of CE and have that go into the Globalist riffage instead of the CE riff again.


    Yeah I'd do this too. Also trying to write a transition from the heavy ---> piano part like on CE would be interesting too.


    This is pretty amazing. I wish CE sounded like that on record, and he nailed the extended Globalist part, wish it was like that on the album.


    Woah. Not even for the combination, the CE bits on their own sound incredible.

  3. I noticed at Download that he seemed to have stepped them up a little bit. I still think I'd prefer it if he let Chris do that part though.


    Doesn't come close to the '04 performances of it though imo. I don't like Matt's new tone for it, too much phaser for me as well. I hate to use the word, but the '04 performances sounded a lot more 'raw'. Matt's vocals felt more powerful and passionate as well.


    I agree with this but it's still one of the better ones since that time. I really doubt that Matt will produce 04 kinds of performances again. At a bare minimum they'd need to actually close with it for it to be possible.

  4. I really don't know why I'm getting sucked into this, but okay.


    your comment in response to "muse should play whatever they fucking want to" by saying "It's not as if people are paying to see them or anything..." was moaning!


    Uh, no. It was pointing out that people are paying substantial amounts of money (and, by extension, making substantial efforts), to see them, and the band should take that into account. Given that their major hits from over a decade ago are being played almost ubiquitously without rotation, I'm pretty sure they already do...


    Hell, look at Download if you want explicit proof.


    maybe english isnt your first language,




    but sarcastically implying that muse should change what they play to suit what people want to hear,


    Uh, yes. They should. They're not jamming amongst themselves, they're professional entertainers whose job it is to entertain the people who go and see them.


    insinuating you arent satisfied that they dont change their setlists enough is moaning.


    No, you made that insinuation. Concocted it out of whatever bizarre, vaguely paranoid hidden agenda you feel the need to read into what I thought was a fairly basic point. And nor, as has been explained, were the people on the previous few pages "complaining" when they suggested that Micro Cuts should probably be dropped for the sake of Matt's voice.


    at the end of the day. you may want somethings played, some others will certainly want crap like neutron star collision played,


    Okay? I'm not aware that I had defined myself as "everyone", nor had I implied that people who wanted songs such as NSC played - which I hadn't even brought up - were somehow "lesser" and shouldn't be catered to.


    But I don't think it's ludicrous to suggest that for the band to have no regard for the wishes of the people who are making sacrifices to see them would be a bit shit. Note that I didn't actually suggest that the band actually, y'know, does this.


    but arrogantly moaning that the songs that you want to hear don't get played enough is, and i repeat, tiresome!


    So is repeatedly frothing over bewildering insinuations I didn't actually make. But you managed to make me spend five minutes defending what I assumed was immediately obvious, so well done on that.

  5. Do you take the attitude that because you are paying then they should play whatever you want? What about those poor fuckers who want to hear the resistence, guiding light and neutron star bullshit? What about what they want to see? Your opinion is as irrelevant as anybody elses. Muse decide what to play, moan and bitch all the you want, nothing is going to change. To that end, go and moan somewhere less public. Its tiresome.




    World-class overreaction.

  6. "The Micro Cuts Conspiracy"

    Is actually a pretty good name for a book.


    They should play whatever they want, fuck everybody else, if they want "Micro Cuts/Guiding Light/Killing in the Name/Starlight" then is fine, they are the musicians.


    Yeah, not like people are paying money to see them or anything...

  7. So pretty decent performance


    Time to drop Micro Cuts me thinks. Matt was dropping words just to hit the notes and it was kinda sad to watch.


    Great setlist but the flow could have been better, it kinda experienced a loss in momentum near the end


    FINALLY Starlight doesn't sound like such a travesty


    Matt hit a few bum notes tonight- to be expected I guess


    UNO was fantastic and took me by surprise


    Beautiful with the confetti and streamers during Mercy.


    Overall 7/10. Performance was solid, setlist was great, but swapping a few songs around could have happened.


    If that's honestly a 7/10 I don't think you're going to be over the moon with this tour.

  8. Huh? I like the song. But the fact that one of the two bits that I thought was genuinely new and written specifically for the song has been around for years doesn't exactly do anything to dampen the feeling that this song has been stitched together from various bits.

  9. So I was watching this for no apparent reason, and...



    (idk why embed doesn't work)


    I don't really have anything to say about it other than recognition and that I found it mildly interesting.

  10. Have a slow song rotation of Invincible, SFA and proper Blackout. It'd be way better than the Unintended > (shit) Blackout > Guiding Light > UD run on the T2L tour.


    Also piano song rotation of Hoodoo, Sunburn, RBS and Apocalypse Please.


    + Space Dementia, otherwise yes.

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