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  1. yeah of course but in the end it comes down to the characters, i guess

  2. fwiw, i can't speak for everyone (and this doesn't apply to me) but a lot of people i know prefer s5 because of this

  3. avid fanfiction writer/reader? could use your help with a dw one that i'm well and truly stuck on

  4. Haha between the last page or two of that thread and the conversation that I posted in the 9th thread I've spent much of the past half-hour laughing my ass off

  5. You are a CHAMPION.

  6. so boreeeeeeeeeeed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. Hm. Unfortunate.

  8. I've managed to "repair" my Bliss video! The horrid, horrid, horrid distortion/clipping and the even worse singing (I still have no idea whose) is gone.


    And what happened? You sort of disappeared after 5pm...

  9. Done.


    The colourful sea slugs don't look gross at all (although they may feel sorta funky) - they look really, really cool. Very brightly coloured.

  10. Wait... do you actually want me to? :s


    Canberra is much colder in winter, I think the average July/August temp is like 12 degrees or something, But it gets very hot in summer, especially in January/February. Most times it'll be 30+ and almost every year we get one or two streaks of 35+ temps, with a few other very hot days scattered in between. But for reasons that'll probably not interest you we don't get much wind and obviously it's dry, so it's nice.


    Some sea slugs actually look really cool, though.

  11. I can do it! Don't tempt me :ninja:


    Different tastes I guess. Below 27 and I start to have second thoughts about swimming...


    That's silly. I've always been a skeptic of killing local plant life in lakes... unless it's like zebra mussels...

  12. My mind wanders so quickly that I always am doing two or three things at once :LOL: - but don't do it again or I'll find you on MSN - then you'll never get any peace! :ninja:


    Think of it like an oversized spa. Although it generally feels better in the shade, so late-day. My pool generally isn't too warm - 27-28 degrees - in the middle of the day.


    Putting in salt blocks to kill seaweed? Please tell me that wasn't to freshen the water, because A. the blatant idiocy of adding salt to remove salt and B. seaweed is an excellent natural salt remover if I remember correctly. I think. It's been a while since I did anything like that...

  13. So I've been refreshing every fifteen minutes - reply, woman! :p

  14. Dry air is so wonderful. It's like... permanent air conditioning!


    Well technically I don't swim, I just lie there. It's so warm that you could just fall asleep, like this all-enveloping comfort.


    Although if you're swimming in natural water - especially salt water - then yeah you want it too be call. Hot salty water = ew. Makes your skin feel horrible.


    And don't say things like that, you're planting images in my mind that are dangerously alluring...

  15. Come visit here some time if you need dry air. I'll buy you some vodka :LOL:


    I'm just waiting for the 32+ days to start. Those are great because it's sooo dry that inside you just feel warm, outside you can sweat but then the pool gets up to about 32-33 with the cover on, so you just dive in and it's so wonderfully warm and relaxing.

  16. I love being back in Canberra. High twenties and dry! Just perfect.

  17. But enough of that. Rather depressing topic, tbh.

  18. I can only really speak for maths/physics - two very similar subjects - but it's really about your intuition. You've just got to "know" the right way to do the problem. Mostly that comes from experience.


    I guess one other advantage I have, being so arrogant and all, is that I'm rarely intimidated by a question. If you're intimidated by a question the less likely you are to see a useful, left-field way to approach it.


    (I'm not a studying master at all, though).


    One course though - 2322 - that wasn't memory at all. That was a course that you could probably learn from year 6, after all, all you need to know is how to add and multiply! But then there's the problem of trying to control some truly wild thought processes...


    You don't just "lose" intelligence though. Latent ability is latent ability and if refined correctly then it can blossom. You just need the right guidance.

  19. Like at the start of each course in terms of marks I'll lag well behind, and I can't help but feel that people look at me and say "maybe you're not as smart as your ATAR/reputation says", but then I'll just storm home in exam time, because I remember the general structure/method of attack to most of the problems.

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