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  1. Has it been made clear yet if you can purchase more tickets for Bristol and swap? I already have 4 tickets for London which I am planning on swapping to Bristol but now it's in Bristol my girlfriend is up for it too. So my intention was to use the presale code I received today to buy one more and then swap the original 4 also. Not sure whether by using this presale code if I then won't be able to swap?
  2. bmstinton93

    Psycho UK Tour

    That was ridiculously easy to get tickets. Going to see them in Newport!
  3. I've just bought standing tickets for this night. I'm travelling from Bristol on public transport. The last train back that night from paddington is 23.37 or 23.07 from Euston. Am I gonna need a hotel?
  4. Â why hasnt it worked for me then? any idea?
  5. its not free it only converts the first 3 minutes of the input file. i have just tried it
  6. I've already tried that and the only ones available either only let you convert 20% of the input file or the first 20 minutes of the input file:(
  7. bmstinton93

    Seattle Gig

    I downloaded the .flv file of the seattle gig from muse bootlegs but is there anyone who has this in another format that i can put on a dvd preferably .vob please?
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