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  1. Absolutely *LOVE* TiRo....one of my absolute favourites. Love those lyrics "I want to play the game/I want the friction". For some reason I find myself imagining myself getting up to wicked deeds with Master Bellamy whenever I hear that line!!
  2. I know there's a lot of love generally for Citizen Erased but it's a track I can take or leave...just a bit (don't shoot me) too "Radiohead-y" for me. But having seen them do it live at Wembley where it was fantastic, I think I could learn to love it Same for TaB - wasn't fussed either way but seeing Matt do it on the podium on Saturday it was awesome.
  3. Hysteria.....love it love it LOVE IT!! After they'd done Hysteria on Saturday night at Wembley I said to my other half that I could (theoretically) have gone home happy at that point. And I was kinda only half joking Other than that I'm just addicted to the TiRO lines "I want to play the game/I want the friction". **wibble**
  4. We were up in level 2 seats, looked amazing watching the moshpit all jumping up and down 'as one' for numbers like KoC
  5. Mine are here.... http://www.flickr.com/photos/traceyrichardson/sets/72157624940159750/detail
  6. Ditto! The only word I could and still can think of, is "epic". Chuffed to little mintballs that they did Bliss and MK Ultra - I'm easily pleased and in some ways could've gone home happy after Hysteria my all time favourite of theirs Stockholm Syndrome and KoC were every bit as epic as I thought they'd be.....70,000 people singing along during KoC was spine tingling!! (and if anyone came out afterwards through club Wembley reception afterwards and saw a woman stand there and sing "No one's gonna taaaaake meeeeee aliiiiiiive" on the way to the escalators, that was me Saturday was my first time ever of seeing them live after loving them since Plug In Baby so I've got nothing to compare that setlist against but it was fantastic; I know there's a lot of love for CE but personally I can take it or leave it - but they really did it justice on Saturday. We went for level 2 seats because I've torn my knee ligament twice over the years so there's no way I'd be able to stand for the whole time. Assumed that even in the seated areas there'd be a lot of standing once Muse came on, but that I'd at least be able to sit and rest my knee from time to time - and most people DID stand - apart from the couple behind us who I christened Stan & Hilda; only looked in their early 30's but resolutely sat down through the entire set, arms linked, snuggling in to each other, tapping their toes in time to the music. I stood for Uprising and one of them flicked something like a scrunched up bit of paper at me - I looked back at them and they just glared at me so I sat down. Did the whole 'arms up' clapping/pointing thing through most other numbers (they kept glaring but I was past caring), then got to KoC and thought stuff it - I've waited a long time for this, I *knew* that number was going to be a stormer so I stood up for it. If they wanted to see, it wasn't going to hurt them to stand for one number. That aside, last night will live with me for a LOOOONG time - and the headache I've got it determined to stick it out as well!! :LOL::D
  7. OMG how epic was that?!! Fantastic....awesome... Could die happy now (well p'raps not RIGHT now as I'm on the Tube, that would be inconvenient). Hope Jack and Vera behind me who sat through the entire set, held hands, tapped their feet and tutted when I stood for Uprising, have a nightmare journey home.
  8. How the feck do you get into it?? Anyone???! Tried logging on with my details for this forum, even tried registering from scratch on the app itself - but whichever way you do it, you never get any further than the sign-on screen. Help! x
  9. Right, think we *might* have travel arrangments sorted for the gig - drive to Luton Airport Parkway station, train to St Pancras, tube to Wemberleeeee....and then do it all again afterwards. That'll work won't it....?? God I can't wait. Good job I'm off this week as I'd only be a giddy, Museaholic irritation to my colleagues all week. As it is I'll be inflicting it on hubby all week Oh - and can anyone point me in the direction of the setlist from Saturday's gig at LCCC please? Save me from reading nearly 500 pages of posts on that thread. I've tried a search and got no closer Ta x
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