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    21.08.2010 Kraków :)
  1. I miss the times when Dominic used to stand up and announce: it's the last song and it's called Bliss but Stockholm would be also good as a last one.
  2. latest forecast says it'll be 23-27 C, so the temp should be ok. though while concert it should be at least 35 or more already heard about the 'akcja lampka' (swietny pomysl!!) so I'm gonna take mine. hope to meet some of you there. cheers!
  3. she's not coming yeah 10 days left!! never mind the hour!! we're gonna have a huge night! according to the forecast it'll be 30 degrees and no rain... I'm not gonna comment on that :/
  4. I dislike MM, coz I used to listen to this song too often and grow tired of it...; additionally I don't like KoC in its album version (I adore the live ones only). as in every music forum there are those who just sign in to express their hate for a given band and their music. if you spot such comments just ignore them
  5. same here what a pity
  6. I'm going too. already got the ticket but the problem is that I have no room booked :/ what a pity maybe I'll manage to work it out somehow... Can't wait to see Muse though cheers!
  7. I rated the song 4/5 after several listenings. well, maybe it's not the greatest one, but when you forget where the song was 'put' and restrain from other's opinions, you'll realise it's a good one to listen to. anyway, I'm waiting for the full piano version
  8. Soaked Eternally Missed Easily Fury live Map of the Problematique live from Abbey Rd
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