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    OMG that's a LIVE! Come back soon, guys, I'll be closer this time ;D
  1. céki

    Muse Art Thread 2

    Waow! Invincible is the song which made me love Muse, and I love the cover. That's beautiful, I love what you did! I've been thinking of participating on the game to win Reading tickets, but with such great artists in here, I'm not sure I will try finally
  2. No French screening? It will be hard for me to be in London the right day Damn, you work looks amazing, mapoftheglorious!!! And the trailer is pretty good as I ab-so-lu-tely want to see the Muse Movie I'll record a little video after my exams for your introduction if it's still time. I'd have loved to contribuate a bit more to this wonderful movie but I must be a bit late ^^'
  3. Same problem for me. Wich side do you measure and double? I mean, for a man it could be okay but for a woman? Even with little breast, that's ridiculous. Hope it'll be fine soon. It seems this lasts a lot....
  4. Er... how do you close/delete a thread? Oo A bit deceived by the result of the poll, anyway the fans of the other band seemed to care more than the musers.... a win would have been one delight more, but we know they're the best and that's the most important (Gosh, my good English teachers are so far from now! --')
  5. Sure! This band just can't beat Muse. @Ryoma-Kun: Right! Even if I can't go.... :| Wish you a great show
  6. Anyway, I didn't see they posted the poll one hour ago, so the votes are closer to 50-50 now. Yep Lyra, it's not a obligation to vote, you do it if it counts for you or you don't. I wrote this as an information that seemed a bit "scary" for me. But this is only a poll, and I'm not telling that every muser has to vote
  7. I wrote this topic knowing there's another one. I only want it to live until tomorrow, which is the last day of the poll. You can lock it, admin, it's not really a thread, but please do not delete it right now. >Here< Vote everyday!!! On ne peut pas laisser TH leur marcher sur les pieds! Un gros produit de com contre quelque chose d'aussi inventif et beau que Muse.... On vote tous les jours, allez!
  8. céki

    Muse Art Thread 2

    Yaw! It's awesome! I want it on my bedroom wall so I'll make sweet dreams every night^^ Really beautiful. I tried to mix the album covers, but I did it a bit wrong, messy:supersad: So I can appreciate how great is your job Waw.... I love it:musesign: How did you manage it?
  9. céki

    Muse Art Thread 2

    I've seen great artworks here! There is my little contribution. Actually, I've got a bigger one, but it's easier to post this one, and well it's not totally finished J'ai vu de sacrés oeuvres d'art par ici! Voilà ma petite contribution. En fait, je l'ai en plus grande, mais c'est plus pratique de poster celle-ci, et puis je ne l'ai pas totalement finie
  10. Aw, we are less than 200 votes behind! What's that? Come on, guys, vote for Muse and tell your friends! Everyone should know that Muse rocks! (not saying that RHCP sucks, right? I like them but i love Muse:p)
  11. It's the first time I hear of it and I found that Muse was 50-50% with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I like them too but.... let's make Muse be a winner another time, everyone! (or was I the only one who didn't vote 'til now?). Gods should never lose http://rockforfun.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/red-hot-chili-peppers-x-muse-world-cup-of-rock-quartas-de-final-jogo-3/ We have til the 21st EDIT Sorry!!! I didn't see there was another thread here http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=76381
  12. Actually.... it's the Muscle Museum one ^^' But, there's a Showbiz one too altough the quality is quite.... bad:( Where? I didn't see this one.
  13. They must have laughed for days:LOL: What don't they put it on their official channel?
  14. I got it, but I had to cut off the sound because of this horrible speaker^^ was looking at the wrong vid^^' (our drummer, here, Matt ) That was sooo weird seeing him with the red glossy guitar, and now the vocals? Why not
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