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  1. The thing that sucks if you DO have a GA ticket, is that you can't plan meet-ups or grab drinks with people because you are in line. Would love to meet up with people from here. I've been away from here for a few months, so i actually have no idea what other rarities different cities got. Did they only do "Dead Star" on Night #2 in NYC? That's the night I did not go! I would have also loved to hear Sunburn live though.
  2. Hey everyone, been off of here a few months...as the concert draws near and I am looking to get tickets, I am wondering if the whole "credit card entry" thing still applies to certain areas. How does that work for people on Craigslist, ebay, or even on here who can't go last minute and are selling their tickets to others? Thanks for any help!
  3. Unpaidwriter: You sound like an awesome mom!!!!
  4. Thank you both so much for that!
  5. Well I'm a few days late with my impressions, but better late than never! As of Friday I wasn't even really planning on going, but I just could not resist. Craigslist is full of people wanting to get rid of their tix at face value or less. And I found a good one. I opted not to do GA, since I kind of wanted to see the show from farther back this time (I had GA on Monday at MSG). It was still a great section (106). I also didn't want to deal with entering at the same time as someone with their credit card to get in and all that... I got to see Buddah26 way out on the floor which was cool to say hi from afar, and at the end of the show, briefly outside in the rain, I got to meet Msmart who is officially my first Muser from here that I met in person:) Hey guys! Everyone has said that it's not the setlist that matters -- it's the show, and you are right about that! I had an amazing time all over again, BUT one could only hope for something a little different if you've seen them earlier in the week. Sadly I missed Night #2 at MSG, so I wondered if they would give NJ a treat, being it was the last USA show till Fall, and also it was basically a 3rd NYC show, since it was north Jersey, as others have said. When we got Hysteria, I was already feeling lucky. I LOVE this song, and I'm so glad I got to hear it. The rest was the same as Night #1 at MSG -- which is absolutely ok! Still great! I was hoping for New Born a little I must admit:) I got excited watching on the big screens as Matt shook various hands and offered hugs to a special select few -- so lucky!!! I only got to see the last 2-1/2 songs of Dead Sara. That was ok, I was just glad to have made the show in time, being it all started a half hour earlier than NYC. IZOD Center rocked. Everyone in my section stood, but most stood still. I moved the entire time. I had a great view of the GA floor and I can tell you that the side on the RIGHT, by Chris, definitely rocked harder than the other side! They jumped, they pumped their hands in the air, and the left side for the most part--except for a few in the very front-- remained still. I think as others have pointed out, it is because they are worried about getting the perfect shots with their phones for videos etc. It sucks because even if you capture something amazing for all of us to share HERE, you are not living in the moment and rocking out WITH Muse and everyone around you. I've been guilty of this at times. Maybe some of you have gotten this question: "Why do you feel the need to go to more than one show? Haven't you seen it already, what's the point?" My answer is that it is like watching a movie that you really loved, and you get the urge to see it again and this time you know your favorite parts to really look out for, or to catch something you might have missed the first time, or even in some cases get something brand new! We listen to the same Cds over and over, why can't we watch and listen to the same show over and over? I say if you can get there, afford it, and are able, WHY NOT! Being my first show at the IZOD, and coming from central jersey, I didn't know what to expect with the shuttles after the show which takes you to Secaucus. I'm not sure I'd go out of my way again to see a show there unless it was something I really loved like this was. The shuttle after the show was very inefficient in that they sent only ONE bus to pick up a massive line of people who stood freezing and wet from the rain. Only after about 35-40 minutes of waiting outside, did they send two more at the same time. I didn't catch the train i wanted, and therefore got home at 2am. All worth it, but when the show was over, I was over the long journey! At least on the way up you have the anticipation of seeing Muse and you feel excited. On the way back it seems twice as long, as you fight sleep on the train. Anyway, I really look forward to the Philly show in September, and wonder what changes will transpire?!
  6. Weird, but thanks! Because some people are showing seat charts with a true general admission open floor. I am wonering how they would separate the sections if there are no seats....
  7. Ok this might be a dumb question: but is GA separated into sections? Like where uis section 8? I don't see it on the seat chart. I saw people on Craigslist selling tix with numbered GA sections too, and I am confused. Also: Did ANYONE get some kind of ticket for GA, even though they are paperless, i keep seeing people selling them saying they have tickets, and if i chose to buy one I am kinda iffy on it, you know? Thanks!
  8. Oh wow, would they have a backup plan in case things like this happen? I wonder who else could open on such notice? Buddah i actually do not have tix and am not even sure I am coming to this show. But I am wondering what kind of setlist I'll miss out on. I'd LOVE to hear Bliss or even any other rarity just for the luxury to have heard it live! I'll let you know if i DO come though, because you know we'll have to meet up! Where did u say your tix were?
  9. Hey Buddah! I was at the first night of MSG, but not the 2nd, and when I heard what they got that night I was so jealous and wished I had gone. Oh to have heard Sunburn and Dead Star. And Hysteria is one of my all time faves and wish i heard it that night. FYI, in NY they took the stage at 9:05pm, at least the night I went. I showed up for GA West only about 7:40pm, and had a prime spot on the floor, but I went there not needing to be at the barrier or anything, just wanted a good spot, and I was about 7 people back from the barrier.
  10. Hey I was reading the Izod thread and saw you were a fellow Philly person who might go. Did you decide yet? and if so how are you getting there?

  11. Hey! As per my other post, I am hoping for a recording of the first night at MSG (only because I was there) but for the 2nd night too now since I was not there and they played my dreamset!
  12. OMG I am SO JEALOUS! You got got the dream setlist!!! Why oh why didn't I come up again for the second show!? I've been a Muse fan a long time, but I haven't been a visitor of these boards for AS long...can someone explain to me when and how did "Dead Star" become this holy grail? What is it about THAT song as opposed to so many other great ones, that makes this the coveted one? I love it too, but I am curious to the history of how and why THIS song resonates with the fans to this massive degree? I am kicking myself for not going last night!!!!!!!!!
  13. why is this page of this thread so hard to read, whats with the background?
  14. Does anybody know of any recordings of last night's show in NYC at MSG? It was too amazing, and I need to hear it again and again! Also, I would love to know if the show I saw in Philly on 3/2/10 is available somewhere. I am useless with torrents. Can anyone help? Thank u!
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