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  1. Oh America, Land of the free! If only we could all experience american freedom This reminded me of this watch the guy at the end!
  2. Respect to Angus and Julia. I do like Big Jet Plane, But no 1 is supposed to be EPIC. top 10 was pretty ordinary if you ask me, all my picks were in the 30 to 10 range.
  3. Ok its official they came in at No 1 and yes im an idiot. Sorry, but its just not their best work. I personally view it as a joke that they unleashed on the world so we wouldnt take them so seriously. Therefore i can take the song as anything more than a joke. But kind of beautiful in the way that a Tim Minchin song is beautiful but you go "what the"! Happy Australia/Invasion Day People!
  4. It turns out im an IDOIT apparently they were 100. Opps thought they said 102. ill try to confirm. ha
  5. Ok it didnt make the 100, but it got to 102. Just pipped. This cracked me up because i couldnt bring myself to vote for it. Sorry but its just pure cheese. I predict Birds of Tokyo for No 1!
  6. That was freakin funny. :LOL: I like Billy, its good to see Channel V having some, if any integrity again. really it got very MTV for a while there. 10 years ago i would never have said max was better than V. But then max does have Jabba and yummi now......anyway. good to see its not so dummbed down now.
  7. Poor Dom. With the list of other artists on that list, im predicting that the phone has come from one of the guys in Jet. If it really has come from an artists phone at all. they are the obvouse link between members of Muse, Powderfinger and Grinspoon. If so that really sucks for that person. On the otherhand, both Phil Jamieson and Bernie Fanning will not be as kind as Dom. So that could be interesting. Dodgy and borring shit, and ive given it way to much thought. Can i have my 5 minutes back please?
  8. Or did he???????? Perhaps he really works for the tabaco companies, promoting their products into our subconscience.
  9. it might explain why the cute devilish look i was talking about is diffrent to this one, but it does bring back the memories for the second show. Oh the memories
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