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  1. White Raven Lost to the heavens leaves a tear on my soul Darkness alludes me I am a white raven flying alone no more are stones thrown Eyes of a fiercely carved star watching awaiting your return in the wake of memories I’ll float above my wings the shade of a dove’s My breathing grows heavy as the sands in the desert shift Soaring though this poisonous storm wind calling you in my dream Escaping a trap that was set by the wizards who sought control of the night
  2. It's a work in progress...what do you think so far?
  3. Beautiful work guys! In The Light Bound to the Earth as I move with the Moon Can you hear my cry while you sleep against the tide As it becomes harder to see while watching shadows play in the light I’ve fallen in this spell My soul grows fond bathing in stars warming the universe Imagining your whisper was a touch gazing past the nothing through the storms seeing certain patterns emerge Watching shadows play in the light
  4. Dragondust


    a friend read one of my poems...what do you think?
  5. Here is my submission...what do you think of it Is it horrible??? https://www.talenthouse.com/i/430/submission/132841/5efa93ee
  6. Pages Catching the rain with your love I'll meet you in a song I'm ready for your rain These pages torn from my heart I give to you to write love anew I'll meet you in a song with these pages you've written something new
  7. Here is one I just finished ..I titled it The Soul Inside...it's about choosing between the light and the dark....
  8. someone who did a wing and a face.. I don't remember the names..sorry.
  9. Color My imagination spills into your thoughts, slowly blending together, creating a perfect shaded hue. My asylum awaits within as you reach deeper into me. Breaking out of reality as we mix our selves together. Closing in on me as our minds touch my insides rushing to my face I blush Faltering on every word as I speak to no one I realize I am alone.
  10. Awesome! Thanks! Here is one that I feel has a lot of myself in it! Cold Like This Understanding the image inside a memory visions become tarnished. Discovering the picture in the darkness of dust. This story takes place in the mind as the photo I stole of you begins to fade. Broken by the dream the spirit torn apart. Remembering that old letter you sent that is now frozen While you are gone, your silhouette dances in the drops of rain as they slowly melt into ice It can only happen when it is cold like this, the moon is out and it is dark.
  11. good Thanks! How are things with you?

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