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  1. May as well throw in my bit Supremacy:Good, but I was expecting a bit more from all the hype, really like the end though 7/10 Madness:Really enjoyable once it gets going but takes too long to get there 7/10 Panic Station:Really wasn't expecting to like this one but it's actually one of my favourites. Solid 9.5/10 Prelude:An intro to Suvival. Nothing good nothing bad 5/10 Survival:Always really liked this track and love the guitar in the middle but let down by the lyrics. Definite 8/10 Follow Me:Probably my favourite track on the album. Love everything about it . Not my favourite song ever though, so 9.5/10 Animals:Love Matt on this track. Good track 8/10 Explorers:I actually found this track really enjoyable, but it didn't really make an impression 6/10 Big Freeze:Nothing special when I first listened to it but it is growing on every listen. Currently 7/10 Save Me:Probably my least favourite on the album. I just find it a bit boring. 5.5/10 Liquid State:Really like this track. Mainly because of the guitars but Chris' singing just tops it off 9/10 Unsustainable:Liked it when I first heard it and it hasn't waned since then. Wish they'd done something different with the second 'dup-step' bit. 8/10 Isolated System:A beautiful song and an excellent closer. Love it. 8.5/10 Overall: 7.5/10 Good album overall and goes in as my joint 3rd favourite (Showbiz>BH&R>T2L=OOS=Abso>TR)
  2. "It's not about the money" she sings in a Rolls Royce convertable...
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