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  1. Just keep thinking "Muse this weekend...Muse this weekend...Muse this weekend..." that's what's been getting me through the past week.



    Me too. Actually Thinking "Muse Oct.23" is all that has gotten me through the last two months. :(


    Many many thanks to those who posted mass transit info.



    Oct 23 song wishlist: Eternally Missed, Invincible, Sing for Absolution. I know it wont happen, but here's to wishing! :)

  2. Most people get there at like 10 in good weather and a bit later if it's chilly


    As this will be my very first Muse concert, I decided to get a seat ticket ( please no ribbing:(). Since I live in NYC, I'll have to take the LIRR to Long Island - about an hour trip out there. I was planning on leaving my home around 3:00 pm, commute to Penn Station n get the train. Is 3:00 a good time to leave? It'll give four and a half hours before the doors open. Maybe I should leave at 2:00, in case the LIRR has trouble like they're having now. Advice please??

  3. Even the aliens are coming out to see Muse. Proof positive that Muse is the greatest band in the universe!

    But I'm wondering: when the aliens take the boys to play the Andromeda system, how will we get tickets, and how will we all get there? Can we schedual a group alien abduction or just use teleports? Haha!;)

  4. LOL. They should make their minds up whether they want to bum them or not.


    They want to burn them, like they do and have done with almost every other band and artist out there, but at the same time they want to sell their boring magazine.

    NME needs an enema!:p

  5. Second sight never felt so great

    A swarm of locust forms around in fate

    Send me a thought

    Through this endless stream

    The dream

    This can't be fake

    It is what is and shouldn't seem

    So real

    Did they find the hidden one

    The central locust

    On the clouds beyond the lake

    Pre-plan and hesitate

    All the control machines in rust

    Is there a Machine Messiah we can trust?

    Don't let the spirit of truth disintegrate

    To nothing more than digital dust



    Long live the Resistance





  6. Agreed. The Grammys have a way of rewarding artists only when they get popular. Which means maybe The Resistance or Uprising will win something..hmm..


    edit: nvm. :facepalm: I just realized if they won something it wouldn't be for the resistance. Since the next grammys aren't until Feb. 2011 and the album came out Sept. 2009.


    They could be nominated for NSC in the soundtrack category.:D

  7. Have you watched the proshot vids from Rock am Ring? I haven't been to any gigs, but from what I've seen I thought it seemed like they've been on fire lately....


    Yes , they were really good. I'm not saying that the boys performance at the stadiums were bad, no. Just that something seems alittle off. Just like there's no such thing as bad pizza, or bad sex, there's no such thing a bad Muse performance.

  8. I usually love anything to do with or resembling Egyptian art, but the Pyramid stage looks really scary. The Towers are cool , even though they remind me of the WTC Towers. But actually all thats really needed is Muse themselves.

  9. I just got home from Calderon stadium, maybe I'll elaborate tomorrow, but for now I can just say it was a bad gig, too many twilight kids, too many teatrics, too little rock, too little quality music.


    Edit: by the way, at least in the zone I was in (just in front of Matt) the sound was horrible, a lot of distorsion in the bass, not enough guitar and voice volume, Matt even spent a whole verse of Hysteria tunning all the strings of his guitar.



    Has anyone esle noticed that something seems a bit... "off" with the boys (especially with Matt) since they started the European Stadium/Arena tour?

    I've been following Muse's gigs, tv and radio appearances, and interviews on Youtube since I missed them at Madison Square Garden here in NYC this past March. I understand its not the same as seeing Muse live, but even in those video clip, their playfulness, electricity, and power come through. But in viewing the vid clips from the recent gigs at the Swiss, Italian, and French stadiums something really seems wrong, particularly with Matt.

    IDK, maybe is just me, or maybe its just not enough vid clips to really judge by, or just the poor quality of most of the vid clips, but something just doesn't "feel" right.

  10. It seems alot of us have shyness in common. I'm very shy to meet new people, but once I get to know and feel comfortable around them then I start to relax.


    I am also a visual artist - I love painting/drawing, I recently took up jewelry making, and thanks to this messegeboard I even tried writing real poetry for the first time.


    Fave TV shows include the now ended Lost, Ghost, Medium, V, Bones, CSI:NY, House, America's Funniest Videos, The Amazing Race. Not really into movies/going to movies mainly because I can't afford the $10 - $20 movie theaters charge here in NYC.


    Speak very little Spanish, Japanese, and Italian.


    I love to play W.O.W.:D


    Oh ,and in case you couldn't guess, I'm somewhat obsessed with Matt:$

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