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    Born n raised in NYC,USA. Attended The School Of Visual Arts, NYC, graduated with BFA in Fine Arts. Single, straight, looking.
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    Music, almost all kinds of music - see my Youtube channel; internet, yoga, WOW.....etc.
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    Self-employed artist, jewelry maker
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    Muse of course! Aslo like The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, some Coldplay, 80's& 90's Alt., etc.
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    CSI:NY, NCS, V, House M.D, Ghost Whisper, Medium.
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    The Vampire Chronicals by Anne Rice, The Sleeping Beauty Triology by Anne Rice.
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    OoS cd, Absolution cd, BH&R cd, The Resistance cd and the cd/dvd pack. mp3's -NSC, Glorious, Unintended, Assissn . Book - Out Of This World: The Story of Muse by Mark Beaumont .
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    Counting down the days til October 23, seeing the boys at Nassau Colliseum. This will be my first Muse concert!
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  1. Hi Vanessa!


    So sorry. My response time seems to be completely off this last week or so. I tempted to run out and get the book. Is it just a rehash of interviews or is there new material? lol. I'm such a bad muser, getting more behind the times as I go along.


    Forgot to ask. Are you going to a gig this year? Seems like everyone I meet is far, far away from Minnesota. And, everyone I meet has a different favorite song. What's yours?

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