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  1. Still haven't got over seeing all of Origin last night...simply immense Loved the whole thing but a few stand out highlights for me were... -Hyper Music, thought it maybe could have been a bit quicker but seeing Chris do the chorus was just awesome -Darkshines, used to be a favourite song of mine anyway so great to see it live. Seemd to go down pretty well with the crowd as well especially heavier moments like the chorus -Megalomania, just sounded huge and the fire was a pretty nice touch as well One other quick thing as well. It was a bit of a shame BBC didnt show it all, would have liked to watch it back when i got back. Havent really got the effort to read back through the thread about it but does anyone think there's any possibility there is maybe a plan to release this one way or another perhaps, as they didn't want it shown and looked to have those wembley 360 cameras on stage as well but im not sure on that?
  2. anyone else love the bit where Dom (i think it was Dom?) said the title of the album came from some weird book about quantum physics 'matt was pretending to be interested in'
  3. I like how you got 15 songs into you top 10...very impressive anyway: Hysteria (168) Time is Running Out (147) New Born (129) stockholm Syndrome (125) MK Ultra (113) Bliss (96) Hyper Music (82) Citizen Erased (76) Micro Cuts (57) Plug In Baby (49)
  4. it changes so often...but ok for now: 1: MK Ultra 2: New Born 3:Butterflies and Hurricanes 4: Micro Cuts 5: Map of the Problematique
  5. wow...i remember getting that pretty much when it came out, almost as obsessed with F1 as Muse. Always watched all the intro just for the song, loved it but didnt know it was Muse at the time, didnt find out until i bought absolution which wasnt long after BH&R came out. First Muse i heard was Time Is Running Out watching Live 8 on tv. Thought they were amazing but being like 11 at the time didnt really look further into them. First time i actually took notice and went to buy something was after hearing the outro to Knights of Cydonia around the time it was released. Went out pretty much that week to buy the album, then bought the rest, havent looked back since
  6. I actually quite like that. I seem to have the exact opposite opinion on things to most people here though lyrics are a bit daft, but hey...that's muse
  7. Im not even joking, I know this will just lose so much respect on these boards but Twilight is on, and im watching it just for the scene with supermassive black hole in Even though its a shite scene, in a shite film, i will watch that bit just for Muse
  8. The Stage designs were amazing. Towers, Hexagons, Stadium pyramid...loved them all I hadn't seen Muse before this tour so cant really compare them to previous stages, but they more than lived up to what i was expecting Some songs have been performed incredibly, such as New Born on the towers with the lasers (ignoring the whole not playing piano thing), and generally all the songs they bothered playing have sounded really good. Vocals probably as good as i've heard from Matt and thought Chris's bass has been sounding pretty awesome lately as well, not what it used to be for songs like Hysteria but still sounding great. Also MK Ultra was mind blowing live! Oh and one last thing, i know opinions on The Resistance are a bit divided, but it's been good seeing them consistently selling out huge arena shows in the US aswell
  9. I would say the solo is the best matt's ever come out with on record (...although saying that there's not a huge amount of choice)
  10. Nicely dealt with I would say The Small Print is one of the best on the album, the live versions are brilliant as well, especially Chris's vocals Agree with the rest though, swap Fury in for ToaDA or Endlessly and it improves the last few songs so much. And then cut the other song to make the guy who likes '10-11 song albums' happy
  11. 'Intro' should not be it's own seperate track, adds so much to the start of Apocalypse Please which is lost if im shuffling Muse songs on itunes or anything. Would have prefered it as a single track which builds up to the piano intro rather than split in 2. Thats really all i have to complain about on the album though...a slight inconvenience depending on how I'm using iTunes
  12. Yeah thats what i put Minimum there for, kind of like the jam they do before TIRO on HAARP...just better in my opinion and definitely more interesting than Nishe Think the guitar version of IBTY might be the one off the twilight soundtrack aswell but not to sure really. If it is then it's this one
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