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  1. Omg you left me a christmas message like AGES ago and i just got it there :( shows how much ive been on this eh? :L:L haha how are yah anyways? :)

  2. Thanks for the request :) x

  3. No problem !!! Im fine thank you !!! What about you ??? And Merry Christmas !!!

  4. sorry i havnt replied in aggesss :o my computer has been broke and other such unfortunate things :p how are you :)

  5. sorry i wasnt allowed to go on the internet but im fine thanks and you ???????????????????

  6. Hello :) how are you today :) x

  7. just wanted to say hello :)

  8. When you hear someone attempting to play a muse song on guitar, you have to try VERY hard not to strangle them Cos no-one but matt can play them
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