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  1. err alright then (:

  2. Noooothing happens... AND DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH AT MY EMAIL ADDRESS YOU FOOL! :fear: only my crush has the right to do that :p

  3. Check da contact info :p

  4. Well you try add me?

  5. Err I tried but got interrupted by him saying about the accident :p


    I just did that


    well I'll tell you later on msn or something? :)

  6. :yesey:


    Gotta go where? Yeah I can, though I really prefer like chatting, msn-style :p


    err I feel actually really mind-blown right now. My crush said he was in an accident and is lucky to be alive :|

  7. I












  8. y u no still answer? :c

  9. to the message i sent a while ago :p

  10. Oooh Birmingham! :D Ailish lives quite near to that. And she was watching a Shikari gig there last Saturday :p

    Can't be arsed.

    Thought so too.


    Yeah *sigh*


    Nighty night!

  11. Ooh, wow. Whereabouts in England?

    Yeah I have, but cba to mention :p I will, oh I will...

    And I see, you're failing in that though :/ but I'm not gonna comment on that, you two solve it


    :( I miss Halla. She's in Koli with mum + her friends. Hiking. Being home with just dad and brothers is awkwaaaaard

  12. :D


    England? Why there? Sounds cool though :D and woo

    Errr... well, I have been up to quite a lot of things, but nothing too cool to mention like especially :p getting excited now, I've got a campy thingy this weekend, and there will be some of the awesome Karula people, including my crush :happy:

    and what have you been up to?

  13. Yeah why not give it a go :)

  14. Lyhyttä ja ytimekästä.

    Apology accepted, I guess :)

  15. Sehän on hieno asia :)

  16. Jos sä haluut et mä puhuisin kunnolla sulle, voisit ees yrittää.

  17. Ei erityisemmin.

  18. Aha, okei joo, nevermind :)

  19. Mä vaan haluaisin tietää et mitä tapahtuu.

  20. :) Hey there, haven't heard about you in ages! maybe it's because nowadays i never go on here... :$ so how have you been?
  21. :LOL: I see you've been attacked by all of us finns! are you like a finn-muser-magnet or something? :chuckle:


    so, i'm a bit bored and stuff, maybe i could get some conversation going on here? how are you?

  22. nope, i didn't get it :( and awwh thanks :D

  23. it was :)

    awwh thanks! and no, i haven't yet received anything in my ask, except one anon question, but that was a while ago :erm: maybe it'll appear soon (probably just as i've sent this :LOL:)

  24. yeah we used to talk a bit here, i remember :) i wonder why not anymore? maybe it's because i'm so freaking lazy and i never go on here...:LOL:

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