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    Muse... Muse... PRO table tennis... Muse... Muse... Eating... Women... Muse... Muse... Bike ( extreme )... and muse :D
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    Muse :DDD
    Pink Floyd
    and many others...
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    not enough room to describe here... but for fun... MUSE! :P
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    none xD
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    The Resistance, Blackholes And Revelations... but got all of the others on my pc... :D
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    Muse Wembley the 10th September 2010
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    ps2 only :DD
  1. nice calculation but only one thing... in average there are about 70k ppl on every gig... also wembley has 100k average at every gig including suckers that stand on the grass ^^ so it shall be minimum 7 million on gigs...
  2. and may bellamy create a new song and there is light... Amen
  3. LOL they got 5 studio albums... + Hullabaloo 6 + HAARP 7...
  4. Well that's hard... How many musers do you think exists ? I take a wild guess of hmm... 8-10million... we should build a musers country!! VIVA LA RESISTANCE :PPP
  5. I goo with my father for my 13 b-day to londong for 1 week and... to wembley on the 10th in september MUSE ROCKS!!! also see my thread: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=74043
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