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  1. Definitely going to this, sod the fac that it's in the middle of exam period! Quite possibly my only 2013 date though. Just can't afford to spend another £100 on London right now.
  2. Obligatory top-up post! Can't remember if you've already said, but what night of the O2 are you doing?
  3. Â Nah, it can snap off completely depending on how much cracking you do. I've got a sheet at the moment that's barely holding together. Â James is right about needing to know what you're doing beforehand though. My first attempt looked great but left cloudy spots all over the place where the mirror hadn't been hit hard enough to crack.
  4. Showbiz - Cave (Piano) x1 - Falling Down (Piano) x2 Â Origin of Symmetry - New Born x6 - Bliss x4 - Hyper Music x2 - Plug In Baby x8 - Citizen Erased x5 - Micro Cuts x2 - Screenager x2 - Dark Shines x2 - Feeling Good x4 - Megalomania x2 Â Absolution - Time Is Running Out x8 - Stockholm Syndrome x6 - Hysteria x6 - Butterflies and Hurricanes x1 - Ruled By Secrecy x1 Â Black Holes and Revelations - Take A Bow x2 - Starlight x8 - Supermassive Black Hole x8 - Map of the Problematique x4 - Knights of Cydonia x8 Â The Resistance - Uprising x8 - Resistance x8 - Undisclosed Desires x8 - United States of Eurasia x4 - Guiding Light x3 - Unnatural Selection x4 - MK Ultra x1 - Exogenesis Pt. 1 x3 Â The 2nd Law - Supremacy x2 - Madness x2 - Panic Station x2 - Survival x2 - Follow Me x2 - Animals x2 - Explorers x2 - Liquid State x2 - The 2nd Law: Unsustainable x2 - The 2nd Law: Isolated System x2 Â Other - Helsinki Jam x3 - MK Jam x2 - Kaoss Jam x1 - Nishe x4 - House of the Rising Sun x5 - Interlude x6 - Man with a Harmonica x8 - What's He Building? x2 - Host x2 - Monty Jam x2
  5. Just visited Sally, Irene and Andrew in the not quite queue. Do you have a number system or something? Hope the cold doesn't get too bad and you all get barrier guys!
  6. I think the O2 nights this tour were pretty fair to be honest. Would I have preferred Sunburnoutoffuckingnowhere or Stockholm Syndrome? Hell yeah! Hysteria or Save Me not so much. The rotations are still totally wrong, but I think everyone here agrees that Map/MK, Hysteria/TIRO, UD/Resistance (they could never realistically drop both), and an extra piano slot would improve things a great deal. What made the 27th worse than the 26th wasn't really the quality of the set but the lack of any surprises, at all. It was the essentially same show as Montpellier etc. and therefore just not exciting.
  7. Seems to me that the pitch-shifting effects are preprogrammed, i.e. aren't actually operated by anyone but instead work like the MotP effect. The input itself, that is, the notes Matt's actually playing look legit though.
  8. Oh no, I was really looking for to The Joy Formidable tomorrow. Hope she's better soon!
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