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  1. [spoiler=Panorama] Definitely a lightbulb then. Light up globes at the back as well, guess ticket sales must've been really low. Edit: Oooooh SNAP!
  2. While I can't argue with your assessment of Jamie you can get a good spot after doors. At Wembley '10 I strolled in at ~5pm and was by the sound desk. Just depends on how you want to see the show. (Granted I'd already done the queue→front thing at Manchester). Anyhow, my ticket finally arrived; EAST STAND TURNSTILE H!
  3. Oh, so the fact that it's printed on the setlists is just a complete coincidence then? I really don't think management have a say in the sets, or if they do it probably doesn't extend beyond "Hey guys, maybe you shouldn't completely draw a line under OOS, the fans seem to love that shit".
  4. It might have been filmed before the Olympics judging from the weather, the clothes, and Matt's shades and goatee. Either that or Dom can't tell the two apart, but I don't think that's very likely. Pretty clear that this was just a six question (and no more!) promo thing they were committed to for label reasons. Neither of them look particularly happy to be there. Boules. Edit: Beaten by Dom. Drat and blast it!
  5. It's just occurred to me that this is only the third gig of the stadium tour, and less than a week after the first one. Think I might avoid the boards for a while (especially if I have exams that week) and be genuinely surprised at a gig for once.
  6. http://muse.mu/news,summer-stadiums-announced-for-2013_1465.htm "* Please note that these pre-sales are for current muse.mu members only. To receive a code you need to have an activated muse.mu account as of 12:00 (GMT) Friday 16th November."
  7. How did you manage two dates? Jamie's Mum?
  8. Caved and bought a ticket = Why the hell the code is limited to one use on one gig I don't know. So pissed off; if we'd been told this before I would've bought tickets for myself and family at Etihad first. Now going to have take a gamble in the general sale.
  9. "The maximum number of tickets per-customer for this show is 4" That's fine Gigs and Tours, but I wanted to buy a SINGLE ticket for one gig and THREE tickets for another gig. Why are you telling me that I have already used the code? :mad:
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