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  1. Haha, okay when you put it like that it kinda puts it in perspective. But they are also into devil worshiping? Normally I think all that stuff is just a load of crap but this is kinda getting to me. No rest assured I am not a troll, I made a separate account to post this. Besides if I was a troll how would I know about the Eurasia treasurehunt etc, its not like I only got into them 5 minutes ago but I can understand why you might think I am one.
  2. I really hope thats its all just waffle, but all the black and white chequered symbology?
  3. Me too, I really hope so. Thats why I'm so into them, because I love the fact they arent just about making music but also into all this cool conspiracy stuff which gives them like an edge. But when reading that I was a bit like and I'm very very anti-freemasons so its just freaking me out a little.
  4. I know when they had to do the 'sia' bit at the end hehe. Moral integrity, the experimenting doesn't matter so much
  5. The reason why MUSE have been my favourite band for a while now is not just because the music is so different and richer than anything around. They can master any genre and make it beautiful and out of this world. But also because they've never been afraid to open our eyes to the truth, what with HAARP, the Eurasia quest involving Bilderberg as a password, saying 9/11 was an inside job etc. And I respect them so very much for coming out and saying these things... so as you can imagine I've been a little disturbed by this: http://pseudoccultmedia.blogspot.com/2009_10_01_archive.html Are MUSE actually part of the Freemasons? (I know some of you will say who cares and just enjoy the music but this is one of the reasons why I've always respected them. For their integrity but after reading that, I'm kinda shocked and actually wondering whether to boycott them now. )
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