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  1. If you just ignore the Olympic Cheese Collision lyrics + listens to it over 20 times, it's actually quite amazing. Especially me, as a guitarist, I completely adore the guitar! So yes. It is far from their best song, but I still think it will rock live
  2. It was actually more like 4 min. I was on the page (ticketnet.fr) 10 min before it started just refreshing and refreshing and then at 9:57 I could press buy, I did and I got the tickets. 4 min is still incredibly fast, but a little better maybe?
  3. It's the Higgs Boson! http://pinoytutorial.com/techtorial/higgs-boson-a-k-a-god-particle-possible-discovery-and-details-demystified/
  4. That's so strange. I can get through with no problem and it doesn't say sold out or anything
  5. f5? If you're on a kind of waiting screen with a certain time before you get trough at the bottom ,you should just wait and not refresh
  6. There is still some left here http://partenaires.ticketnet.fr/manifestation/idmanif/260484/idtier/78768?tkn=780901530a055307 It doesn't say sold out or anything so you should be able
  7. Mine says seats as well BUT it also says category 2 which is standing. If you ask me every single ticket is a seat so look at your category and not quantity.
  8. I got my tickets! Just received the e-mail and I am so relieved and exited
  9. That is so awesome!!! My new homepage Hmmm I don't know. They were there when I got there but I think you could have just walked up to them to get the number right away. I just didn't realize. Also the fact that the gig is on Doms birthday is pretty sweet. Anybody in on singing Happy Birthday before they go on?
  10. Hmmm that sounds really similar with what I encountered in the Muse gig in Bergen! Okay so arrived at like 11 am and there were maybe 20 Musers spread out on a plane not really queuing. So I settled down and then a guard comes up to me and asks if I'm here for the gig. I say yes and he writes the number 27 on my hand and says I don't have to stay and wait. So I walk away and return about 4 pm and I get let in early! I'm not sure if it were 100,200 or more who got numbers, but it worked really well
  11. I can't wait for this gig! I live in Copenhagen and from where I live it only takes like 1 hour to get there so totally worth it Still hoping they will come to Denmark as well though
  12. In his defence this was by far his worst performance of the show, but ironically the best song
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