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  1. Nope. I wanted to, but since I live closest to the Sacramento one, that's the only one I could go to. But considering every concert I've seen at Arco arena hasn't been great, and since it seems like alot of the Southern California Muse shows are awesome... well, next time there's a choice between a Sacramento Muse concert and, say, an LA one, I'm going out of my way to do the Southern California one. Cause it sounds like this LA one was freakin' awesome.
  2. Well... This was my second time seeing Muse live. The first time was earlier this year at Oracle Arena in Oakland, and that show was absolutely phenomenal, with the amazing energy and nice set list (even if there weren't any rarities that I can recall). This one, however... hmm. I liked it, I really did. But I left feeling slightly disappointed. It felt off from the time it started, and throughout the entire show my Mom and I (she's a fellow Muse fan) could tell that the energy just wasn't there. We thought it might've been Muse just being exhausted from the tour, and I still think that's a reason for the slightly ho-hum experience most people (including myself) seem to have had, but reading the previous pages of this thread it looks like Arco Arena really screwed up as well. I even saw that the security there (or some sort of staff) were badmouthing Muse...?!?! Highly unprofessional jerks. There definitely seemed to be a late start to the show. I recall clearly every time one of those pre-techno songs ending the crowd starting to cheer and then disappointed yells as it went onto another one. If Arco Arena really messed up this much, I wouldn't be surprised if Muse never came back to this arena (yay double negatives!). Really, though, I think I'm going to try to avoid seeing them again in this arena - Oracle (Oakland) was FANTASTIC, and the sound quality there was noticeably better than Arco. I can see them in the bay area easily enough. All in all, even if I was disappointed, I still enjoyed the show a heck of a lot - even if the Oakland concert was 10x times better than this. Luckily, I know that this isn't an average performance for Muse to do - the short setlist, lack of energy, etc. Even though this is only the second concert of their's I've seen, it certainly sounds like this is a major exception. Oh, I did like it when Matt kicked the balloon at Dom though.
  3. Hmmm....... Listening to it now, and I think it's all right. Doesn't mean I will EVER listen to this again, though. Her voice gets annoying sometimes, too.
  4. MizzeeOH

    Glastonbury 2010

    Where can you watch it in the US? I can't find the BBC HD or 2 channels on my TV and no live streams are working, PLUS I don't want to download anything! Someone, please help!
  5. MizzeeOH

    Glastonbury 2010

    So I'm trying to figure out how to watch this when it comes on, but.... so far it's really confusing. My time zone is PST, so it would come on at 2:30 PM for me, right? Where do I watch it? This page says it's not available in my area, so where else could I see it? This is probably a stupid question but I don't get it!
  6. Not even an issue for me - yes, I've thought about this before. But Blackout, for sure. Sing For Absolution too, though, maybe, because it's my favorite song of theirs... hmmm. But I would rather have Blackout, because it's a beautiful song and the message it sends is perfect for a funeral.
  7. Ooooh..... In the Green Day demo on XBL, there was a teaser for the next addition to Rock Band. They showed a circular pic of a piano (or maybe a keytar, but most likely a piano). Here's the link. This leaves it open for even more Muse songs!
  8. +1 When I heard the Take a Bow teaser, at first I thought it was the actual song and I got all excited. Only to have my hopes crushed moments later. :'(
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