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  1. :awesome: oxegen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna be there too!!!! you are awesome just because of oxegen!
  2. :confused: I barely ever talk to you :stunned:
  3. :happy: merry christmas to you too! And a happy new year as well :kiss: !
  4. :LOL: Ah no, no birthdays till July for me ;)
  5. :LOL: band sounds cool wanna support muse at wembley haha :LOL:
  6. :) thanks. found the icon on muselive ;)
  7. -_- I'm manager and ocassional helper. im like morgan, sorry to disappoint!

    i am the driving force behind our popularity though. im organising a gig single handedly!

    i do play electric guitar though! you?


  8. :/ that's an okay finish...

    That's quite cool! My sister was quite good at horse riding. I think I did it too when I was 11, but I don't think it was for that long, not my thing :chuckle:

    It is semi-promising, should work out to some extent :)

    Ahh, that makes 2 without facebook then, that's alright :) I cant be asked either! :chuckle:

    Thanks :) One hint - it's under one of the pages (textwise) ;)

    My day was good thanks, what are you doing today?

  9. "cheeseland" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    finnish is cool!

    oh yes :yesey:

  10. (: :chuckle: What a weird name!

    Haha that's very cool! :D


    Hmmm, remember #singitforjapan? That was a charity single! (:




    :supersad: Aww that's sad.




    :) Yes Dave and Matt are both amazing!


    :eek: no i haven't! It sounds quite interesting, is it set in the 2nd world war or is it set around about now? It sounds like a good movie, maybe I should watch it (:


    Cool :)

    Awww that's nice for you :) I still wish I had a girlfriend :( You seem to be so happy with Liam..


    Nope. My dad has his own business! We just think it's time to move! We're going to Kent and this weekend we're house hunting! :D


    It is all so sad! I wish it was all over already! I hope you're safe! <3 :kiss:


    Love you a lot!


  11. (:

    (: Yeah that was :awesome:

    Awesome! I like that song! Can I hear a cover when it's done? :D

    :LOL: Me too!

    Gerard Way is awesome :yesey:

    Hobbit :chuckle:

    My embarrassing moments? :noey: Mainly falling off stairs, but my worst is when I come face to face with a pretty girl. I always mess up my words and somehow mess up, and if i don't mess up my friends make me :LOL:

    :facepalm: lol how weird!

    You have uniform? I don't!

    It was fine, but I feel ill now :(

    Love you too!


  12. (:

    :yesey: Yes you are awesome! :)




    Yeah i love it here! I've been to this place a lot before so im pretty much used to it! :D I completly agree on your smoking opinion there!

    It has been hot yes! :) I love england a lot!


    Aw that's nice of Liam :) You are pretty to be honest :) I suppose you are quite kind (: You sound quite kind actually (: Do you love liam? :$


    I went to the shopping center today and saw cricket (Kent v Northampton) and swam in the pool downstairs!


    My bedroom is blue and has lots of posters of bands and football! And your room?


    Love you too!


  13. (:

    Haha ok (more than me :LOL:)




    The first one is always the best :D She's alright....


    :LOL: Haha if i'm ever there i'll check it out! (yeah right :rolleyes:)


    I replied earlier :)


    :noey: Not good :chuckle: Seriously? Is she actually Spanish?




    Niice :D How is school going this week? :D


    I might go to a football game tomorrow :) Apart from that just school and get closer to charlie (still don't get why they call her that :confused: ... i like it!)


    Love you too!


  14. (:

    I hope so :$


    :chuckle: Certainly!


    :chuckle: Haha liam :p

    :supersad: If only, everyone around me is going out with someone and I've always been "the single one"




    :happy: I asked for Muse Merch. I know i'm getting a chelsea shirt (it's at home). My mum got me Arcade Fire tickets (just like when she got me muse tickets last year) and my dad got me a chelsea season ticket! I'll probably get something little :)


    :D Holiday! :dance:

    Awww, you can still keep in touch though, and in the breaks during the school! :)



    I arrive home on the 26th! :D

    How was your Wednesday?


    Love you too!


  15. (:


    Haha how about....The Smelly Teachers? :LOL:

    I suppose so :chuckle:


    (: Yeah it's alright. I'm including Gerard Way's work for Japan in it, seeing as that is basically part of what i'm doing (:


    :awesome: Um, yeah! She is 12 (:


    :supersad: Hope he gets better (:


    It was! I turned my mattress over and found other bedsheets, I managed to sleep on there last night again! (:


    They are :) I told you about the invasion last year right? :)

    Hehe yeah I should've done that!


    :LOL: Very weird dream :chuckle:


    Ah what's Con Air? :D


    Today I might go out and have some lunch, work on my project and also chill :awesome: You?


    Yeah I might next summer :D I don't know for sure yet, but i am going to england this weekend to look around Kent :D


    Love you too!


  16. (:


    Yeah you can turn that spell check off, you know :) It's on Settings :ninja:


    :LOL: Female version of Frodo? Haha, Froda! What a weird dream :chuckle:

    How is it going with you and Liam? :/




    Oh no, 2 weeks? I know exactly what you mean by irritating 9,10 year olds! I can just see it now, a kid running around doing annoying things! You'll survive :)

    Well if the mentors hate them then I think that is alright :p

    Yes, you are awesome :yesey: Sensible, I don't know...:p :')


    Really? I think this is how it should stay, it finished just right (:


    Cool! I like songwriting, I tend to do it on the plane or in the car in other countries, cause holland is inspirationless! (is that even a word? :chuckle:)

    Can I see some of your lyrics, I'm sure it's not that bad (:


    I'm just at home today :( I have my school project and that's it...


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  17. (haha then at least you can play Guiding Light :LOL:)


    :supersad: Especially when I hear Kurt Cobain sing :/ Such a shame, both really greatly talented musicians :(


    :LOL: Haha sounds like you have a lot of fun, like in that video you showed me (;


    :chuckle: Ok


    They have :yesey:


    (At least 25 messages would be nice!)

    Oh that sucks ): What kind of work are you doing? Haha how is your wrist now?

    Oh haha that pinching we do here too, on people's sides. There's a girl called Linda who screams really loud and jumps so high when we do that!

    Ninazilla? :LOL: Is Nina your name then?


    Nice songs :)

    My favourite song right now is Paradise by Coldplay <3


    Oh why? :(


    how was your day?x

  18. (kay (: )


    Thanks Jade :happy: That's really sweet of you!

    Oh wow :chuckle: What's she gonna do about asking him out? Haha the Wing Person :p

    They're the worst! Ah but Hayley Williams is cool!


    Yeah? :p:LOL: Husbands and wives :p Pwoud to be one of them! :p


    Yeah, but I wasn't happy after the first time! :/


    Yeah, when you're in Year 11 you should do i!

    :ninja: Oh noes (I suppose...)


    :happy: No problem!

    haha :chuckle:


    Happy Birthday to him (: Aww how did the exam go?


    How are you today?


    Love you too!


  19. (OK :LOL:)


    Hmm yeah :chuckle: Y'never know! ;)

    Did it? :stunned: Haha awesome :chuckle:

    Awesome. Maybe with my next guitar i'll draw stuff. But if it's a Manson, I might just stick the drawings on my current one :chuckle:


    There are 7 members of Arcade Fire and they have one more girl on stage who plays the viola! It's :awesome: They're my 2nd favourite band, Muse is my first of course :yesey:


    :awesome: Wherever you go it'll be awesome!


    Oh haha :LOL: Is it gonna be on youtube?? :p

    Me too :eek:

  20. (sorry for replying late! I've been really busy :( )


    I suppose! I'm not like that at least :p

    Awww, how is it going with her now? :happy:

    Yeah they do, the worst are eyebrows or lips! :shifty:


    Just a question, have you told anyone about me before? I was just wondering if you'd told anyone about me or something :p


    :facepalm: awwww


    Yeah :wtf: I re-edited it and handed it in again and she took accepted it this time :D Although she was being stupid1


    It was fun :) How to lead people when working, practice for the future :D You should do it if it comes along your way!

    :ninja: How was it?


    Awww you and Liam look cute :happy: haha lying on the floor :p


    I had a 2,5 hour careers test after school for all Y11 determining what we wanted to be when we're older by answering questions!


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


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