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  1. I'm guessing you were joking about that song?? I need to keep up with all the false rumours, so much unnecessary trolling going on!

  2. Have you? woohoo :p


    That sounds like a lot of fun! :) Awww, get better!


    Well I haven't replied in a while so a lot must have happened, so....HOW IS EVERYTHING? :D


    Love you moarr than moarrr!

    xxxxx<3 <3

  3. Let me guess, you're by the doors already? :p

  4. Okay, sounds great!

  5. Great! I might bump into you, i'm with friends but I'll try and say hi! Who are the other musers coming??

  6. Are you still coming to Kasabian tomorrow???

  7. :happy:


    Haha good luck, keep it up! :p


    Awesome! So, how was your half term then???

    Well today I had a Bio test which went well-ish :chuckle: Apart from that, just working normally :) Our half term starts Friday!


    :happy: It's amazing!

    Cool! Which song?


    hahah :chuckle:


    That sounds awesome, go for New York!


    I'll reply to your PM now ;)


    How was your day??


    Love you even mooaaaaaar!


  8. Nah :p Hopefully you can push those grades up! :D




    Never! I had 2 pairs and both of them lost the sound because they were adjustable all around!

    You should :p It's a good motto to have in life!


    :chuckle: haha sounds like an interesting lesson :p What else have you been up to lately at school? :)


    Oh yesh! Loving your newest piano cover by the way!


    Aww that's very nice! :D


    N'awww better not let Liam find out you said that ;)


    You should go somewhere nice, you deserve it, you sound like you've been working so hard! :happy:




    How have you been doing lately? How was your day? :D


    I'll reply to your PM with the Dan business later, sorry it's late!


    Love you moaaar!


  9. They weren't too bad :)

    Haha that sounds, er, lovely :chuckle:;)

    How is everything? Are you feeling better now? :D

  10. Hopefully you get good results! :) Ah that isn't too bad, is it? :))

    haha good reason :p


    Yeah it would've! Yeah I heard, happy late birthday :p


    Yeah that would :)


    Aww :chuckle: 5th time?? :LOL: So safe Jade! :p Ah that's good! Yeah, though they don't really look so screamo anymore! Never jump to conclusion so soon ;)


    Aww you had to survive that horrible sex lesson instead :p How'd it go?


    :awesome: Noooooope :p



    I suppose that's quite good, nothing better than the subject head teaching you! It's almost like an advantage!


    Haha you must really like him then? :LOL::awesome:


    Aww that's a real shame, so you're not going to America this year then? Awww that's such a shame!


    Thanks! My test week is over!!!!!! We went to the cinema today to celebrate with Ruben, David and Marnix. On the way to Rubens, Charlie came as well suddenly, so she joined us! I'll tell you more later ;)


    How was your day??


    Love you too!


  11. Yay :happy: I won't be online a lot this week as well because of that:))

    Aww thanks Nina! :)

    Ah that's nice :) What were you drawing?

    Err I started last Tuesday, and you? :)

  12. Oh no sorry! I've been really busy all week studying for tests that I didn't get time to reply properly sorry Nina :( How have you been? xxx

  13. As long as you study it should help I think :p Good luck (again:P)!

    That is really odd, any idea why the school has to be like and make it different for everyone? You might just be right there, stupid school system! :p


    :awesome: It sold out before i could get tickets!

    Haha you never know :p You should go as well, we could meet up :p


    :LOL: Okay, haha very careful of you Jade ;)

    Aha I'll take a listen, I still have my doubts though from pictures I see of them they always seem very screamo looking :p


    Haha hopefully for you he will be back :awesome:


    :awesome: Yesh! ((:


    Haha, They Will Not Force Us!

    Ah do you like English? If you like a subject it should be fun :p

    I've seen that movie too, it's really annoying how it's so confusing! :rolleyes:


    Sounds like a plan haha!


    You should go somewhere this year ;)


    haha, how was your Tuesday :p


    It's fine, take your time :))


    Errrm well i went back to school today but I suppose a lot of my week will consist of Studying for my test week next week! Wish me luck :p


    Love you too!


  14. How prepared are you for the Science?? :p Why are you doing them in Y10 by the way, everyone I know at the British School I used to go to is taking their mocks in Y11, and other english musers I heard from have mocks in Year 11 as well :p


    :awesome: I want to but all dutch festivals have boring line ups. Pinkpop is the Dutch big festival and the lineup last year had Coldplay, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon but this year it's Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Soundgarden, old classics basically -.-

    I wanna go to Glastonbury and my mum promised me 2013 we'd go, but apart from that it depends on the lineup really, Reading and Leeds probably will have a good line up this year but I don't think I'll be going to any festivals this year because I'm seeing Coldplay already and I might see Kasabian and Enter Shikari too:))

    It's not just screaming :p The first 20 seconds or so are, then it goes normal for a minute or so, breakdown, bit more screaming for about 20 seconds and then some more singing. I thought you listened to screamy bands like Black Veil Brides and all that :p It's not that bad though, I might cover it :p


    Haha awesome hamster :p:chuckle:


    :awesome: Maybeeeeeeeeee :D


    Awww you'll be fine with the other tests! Hmm I don't like Physics :p Aha we got to choose at the start of Year 10 what sciences we took!




    Awesome :awesome: That stone will go down in history haha!


    I did :D


    It was epic, you should go wherever we go next year with our friends :p




    Cool :D


    My day was good thanks, just chilling and studying :p


    Love you too!


  15. Good luck with them then! :happy:


    Yeah, my second time :D I've only ever seen them, Arcade Fire and of course Muse live :D

    Awesome! Choose wisely :p Yeah, but I don't have tickets for either yet, we'll see about it for now I think, i'm saving up! Speaking of Enter Shikari, a new song!


    Haha :chuckle: Those pictures are always quite disgusting yeah!


    I have a few ideas but not solid on the right song yet :awesome: I'll get something!


    :happy: aww haha was it really hard then? What's Physics like, I don't take it at school, just Biology:)


    Yep, next Tuesday! :DD


    Aww at least the argument is sorted! :DD Sounds like you had real fun at Christmas! Haha :LOL: Decorative Stone :p


    My Christmas was great. Christmas Eve we went to friends, Christmas Day we stayed home and opened presents, watched endless BBC and had an amazing Christmas Dinner and on Boxing Day we went to my grandparents where I got money from my Aunts which subsequently paid for my Coldplay ticket haha :p


    We were in Paris for new year and we spent it with friends at a fancy restaurant before watching the fireworks from the hotel balcony! :D


    It's fine:D I'll reply to your PM later :)


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  16. Why would I be proud??? :p That was random Nina...


    Haha okay :p

    Aww awesome! Sounds like you had a fun Christmas!

    Haha yeah I saw that :/ One nomination I didn't want!

    Aww thanks :supersad:


    How was your day?x

  17. :D :D :D :D

    Yeeeeeah it's fineee :p

    It's going good thanks! What have you been up to??xxxxx

  18. Ninaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we haven't talked in ages!

  19. :happy: Your welcome! Well that must be a good sign right?


    They really were! I have tickets for their show in The Hague next year (the city I live in!). They're playing the Dutch Equivalent of Hyde Park, the Malieveld! Ooh go to as many gigs as you can before school gets too pressurising! I'm waiting for Muse as well, but I want to see Kasabian and Enter Shikari both in Amsterdam next year, they're playing one weekend after another!


    Haha sounds like a cool teacher!


    I think I might just do that, i'll find something good to play first though!


    Awww I hope it gets better for the other exams! :)


    Meh it's a stupid holiday system really! This year I was still in the mood for Christmas but not as much as before because we only broke up on the 23rd! We go back on the 10th :DD


    How was your week, how was christmas overall?? :D


    We went to a friends house for Christmas Eve :) What are your plans for New Year??


    Love you too!


  20. Awwwww, I hope you get a good result!


    I might try and reply in a minute because I'm going to Coldplay today and I have to get ready! I'll reply to your PM tomorrow and I'll tell you all about the concert :D


    Ah you don't have to be a Coldplay fan to watch them, they're amazing live and the experience is just - wow!


    :chuckle: If he doesn't take anything seriously then I suppose it's quite entertaining! :p


    Aha thanks :p I played her Re-Wired by Kasabian and Arguing with Thermometers by Enter Shikari :DD Yeah Little Mix are ok as winners because they are always the most forgotten contestant! :p


    At least it was only the mock :) Aww that's sweet of Liam! Awwww :happy:


    My day was good thanks :) Going off later as I said (: I break up on the 23rd, which is only because Christmas is on a weekend this year :/ If it wasn't, I'd be on holiday already!


    How are you today? Weekend plans?


    Love you too!


  21. :LOL:


    How did it go??? I hope it went well! :DD


    :happy: Just going to reply to your last one in a sec ;)


    :awesome: It's at the Ahoy in Rotterdam which is like Holland's version of the 02 Arena (: They're playing 10 minutes from my house next September at a place called Malieveld in Den Haag! I already made an agreement to go regardless of having a ticket or not, seeing as it's right by the centre like Hyde Park! I'll hear it everywhere and anywhere! You should listen to the new album Mylo Xyloto, great music to chill to!


    Haha what's Sex Ed like this year?? Pretty pointless I think, we have it like every 2 years, it's not like anything has changed :p


    I've been good thanks :) It was my mum's birthday yesterday so we chilled, and I played some guitar for her and watched X Factor, did you watch it??


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  22. :)



    :chuckle: Uh huh :yesey:


    hahaha :LOL:


    You shall!



    Good luck with that exam! (:




    I'll reply to your PM tomorrow 'cus I have a lot to write! :D


    School only really, but then next weekend i'm going to Coldplay! :DDD




    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  23. It's fine :)



    N'aawwww :p

    She is! And so is he! All 3 of them are godlike legends!


    :chuckle: Who is it now?? :p:chuckle:


    Good idea! Do it! :D

    I don't know :ninja: (hahahahah me neither :p)




    Goood (: Good luck with the other exam!


    Awwww (:


    I've been good thanks! It's the Winterball, i'll tell more in the PM (:


    I'm gonna reply now (:


    Love you!


  24. JADE!! We need to talk, I really miss you :supersad: xxxxx

  25. (kay (: )


    Thanks Jade :happy: That's really sweet of you!

    Oh wow :chuckle: What's she gonna do about asking him out? Haha the Wing Person :p

    They're the worst! Ah but Hayley Williams is cool!


    Yeah? :p:LOL: Husbands and wives :p Pwoud to be one of them! :p


    Yeah, but I wasn't happy after the first time! :/


    Yeah, when you're in Year 11 you should do i!

    :ninja: Oh noes (I suppose...)


    :happy: No problem!

    haha :chuckle:


    Happy Birthday to him (: Aww how did the exam go?


    How are you today?


    Love you too!


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