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  1. A lovely lady numbered us while we were waiting so I'm number 53 in line but I dont think the line is too big yet. Another boardie was saying last night people like 200 people back in the line got pretty close so good luck and I hope your ticket is legit!!!
  2. I have a fish named Bellmers... For some reason thats the name I think of when anything relates to Matt.
  3. Finally got mine!! Not in the best condition mind you. Definitely not $7 worth of shipping. But super happy to finally have my own copy. I really like the little feature on the conspiracy theories. Makes me feel not so crazy
  4. My employee that was describing her love for Bieber and the Jonas Brothers and after noticing my shirt says "oh yea i like THE muse... we were studying them in my music class. THE muse is really good. You like THE muse right?" I didn't have the heart to correct her she seemed pretty clueless anyways.
  5. That's very true and don't get me wrong I definitely appreciate what his voice has matured too but I would love to hear the rawness of old Muse. Probably not going to happen unless in small doses but I'm interested to see what direction they are evolving in. I love this band deeply and I will never close my mind to where they want to go be it teenage vampires or back to their good ol ways. Either way I'm excited to hear something new and fresh and I hate to see fans that get disappointed before we actually have material to be disappointed about. Let's hope these words don't backfire on me...
  6. I really love this song... It's definitely one of my favorites for sure
  7. Love this song! That is all
  8. I would really like to hear more vocalizations like in Falling Down and Darkshines. I like the rawness of it. I'm not suggesting a whole album of that but maybe bringing it back in one song would please me
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