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  1. Feeling Good is a great song for stripping. I'll mention it to my S.O. to see what they think about it. Have any of you actually tried playing MUSE while having sex with your S.O.? Daydreaming about having MUSE sexy-time is wayyy different than actually doing it. It's extremely satisfying.
  2. Hands down it is Hysteria. Guys play it for your ladies and they will literally jump on you and rip off all your clothes. My other sex worthy songs are: - In Your World - Plug in Baby - Stockholm Syndrome - MK Ultra - Citizen Erased Ladies, what song is your go to song for sex? Guys, which song would you play?
  3. ... but the worst muse song ever to have existed is Big Freeze.
  4. My sister and I are going to be going to the 1st night in the Staples center. This is actually going to be our first Muse concert and our very first time being in GA for any concert. Both of us are average height. Should we stay towards the middle, or the front? We want to be able to see well be we don't want to get crushed. What do you guys recommend?
  5. I am going to be attending the Sept 25th Los Angeles Staples Center venue (GA of course) I'm just wondering, what are their regulations and rules about cameras and video cameras. I was planning on taking a camera and maybe my FLIP HD. Does anybody know?
  6. hey you guys look what i found on Craig's List.... 2 SEATED tickets going for $700.. i don't know if i should be shocked or not... check it out http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/tix/1708568736.html
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