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  1. Hey I'm going to university of cincinnati and have tickets for the columbus show but no car to get there. :'( I absolutely must go to this concert because I have GA tickets and I've never been in the pit before and I LOVE MUSE!!! Is there anyone able to give me a ride? I promise I won't be a complete weirdo (maybe a little muse obsessed) but I NEED help!!!
  2. Hi, I'm going to school at University of Cincinnati and have tickets to both the cincinnati and columbus gigs. The only problem is that I don't have a car on campus :'( I NEED to go to the columbus show because I have GA tickets but I have no way to get there!!! Is there anyone here who's not opposed to car pooling?
  3. This interview makes me really excited for the next album! The resistance was ok imo but a deviation from queen would be welcome in the future.
  4. 74% I think those b sides really tripped me up. I wish it would tell you which you missed though.
  5. This was on the Itunes biography of muse: "Muse's fusion of progressive rock, glam, electronica, and Radiohead-influenced experimentation..." why? why wont this comparison go away? Make it stop!!!!!!
  6. ugh, he's so weird. He likes metallica and hard core metal and stuff but he's super insecure about himself. And he wonders why we all think he's gay...
  7. The video actually made me like the song better. Seeing them and their epicness made the lyrics fit with the music more. It's hard for me to dislike the song when I know what its about. They know it'a a cheesy song and they've embraced it well I think. And as for the twilight clips, come on guys, you knew it was going to happen, yet you still seem shocked...? Let it pass, enjoy it for what it is, and eat your cheese.
  8. So KrisC91and I are going on a two week trip to Europe in late June to Paris, Florence, and Rome. It's kind of a group trip thing with a bunch of other kids graduating from high school, so we'll probably be busy during the day, but we're free to do what we like after dinner and we'd like to possibly meet up with some fellow musers who know the cities a bit better. Anyone interested? Being from the midwest, it's really annoying that no one here really knows muse, so we'd really like to meet someone who actually understood what we were talking about:rolleyes: (and steer us away from the shitty bars)
  9. so i had this dream where i finally met matt, i think it was in a mall or somewhere public, but I was so freaked out that I couldn't think of anything interesting to say so he just sort of said hello and acted really bored and disinterested and as I kept following him around not being interesting he got more and more annoyed with me. I felt so bad that I was annoying him but I couldn't leave him or say anything to make him like me more. it made me so sad, and now i can't get the image of matt being bored by his fans out of my head!
  10. i like the title:$ its so bombastic it hurts, but then you know this title came from something like this: Dom: So what are we going to call the song Matt? Matt: i dunno... ... Matt: i got it! Neutron Star Collision! ... (explosion of laughter) Matt: ok thats it then. (scribbles on paper) Dom: um shouldn't it have something to do with the song? Matt:Oh yeah...um, i guess we'll put love is forever somewhere in there too. (more scribbling) Dom:
  11. hey, i was wondering if anyone who has been to this arena could describe it a bit? Acoustics? size comparisons? My last muse concert was at Chicagos United Center, which was huge but had sort of fuzzy acoustics (couldn't understand any of the lyrics from the silversun pickups) and it was a bit disappointing (not that it wasnt th best night of my life )
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