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  1. last night at LA forum i walked over to the VIP area outside as they were packing up the enhanced experience merch/swag included in that package and saw that there were a number of posters still available that weren't claimed. anyone know if these will be available for sale on store in future? anyone have an extra? here's an image of it https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/53665491_10219469218107987_4141594314507550720_n.jpg?_nc_cat=106&_nc_ht=scontent-lax3-1.xx&oh=da933a68496a6d39b75593a3506b7398&oe=5D12F931 thank you
  2. pretty f'in cool show!! spoiler: i couldn't tell from the thumbnails i saw of videos/clips from previous shows (that i didn't watch) if the oversized robot/cyborg was inflatable or image of the wraparound screen. i now know which it was
  3. hey, we're on deck and I still need a ticket. can meet at venue any time after 730. would prefer to walk in together. just paranoid is all. see you monday
  4. sent you a DM. GA/floor are more expensive than some of the seats but lmk we can talk about it. thx
  5. i'm looking for a ticket if anyone has an extra. could be last row, doesn't matter. dm me. thx
  6. looking forward to 3/11 at The Forum LA

  7. had a really good time. there are a couple more i would've liked to have heard in that intimate setting (supremacy, panic station and plug in baby, not to mention unnatural selection) animals surprised me the most, some very tasteful and effortless playing from matt on that. crowd was pretty amped and energetic. this was a rare opportunity to see them in such a small room, definitely not filled to capacity. i think if they sold it like a normal show, we would've all gotten tickets easily. at least via presale password. but the camera setup on floor took up a lot of room and i have no idea why they didn't sell to fill the balcony. but some of us made it in, hopefully not at much more than face value. full tour in 2016? edit: does anyone have a pic of the stage setlist? i'm guessing it was played in full with hyper music added in.
  8. you send a pm (private message) / dm (direct message) - same thing - by clicking on the board member's name and find the link that says "send private message"
  9. just got in on the re-release!! meriann, sorry I couldn't take yours ((
  10. gotta say i'm impressed by the devotion. i have to work tomorrow to pay bills and feed the family but will be down there right around time doors open to give it a shot
  11. yes, I would like to buy a mayan ticket for $95 which is face value and I will be at the venue around 7 pm tomorrow
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