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  1. haha! i've already told you how you look now! :happy: it looked cool before too,and btw,you failed being happy :p

  2. hahaaaa lolll, hey,will you sign my boobs please? :erm:

  3. Happy Birthday Felicjaaaaa! :kiss: XOXOXO

  4. Happy birthday LIAMALIEN! :happy::p Now gimme some cake!! :party::kiss:

  5. Happy Birthday Roy! :D

  6. Happy Birthdayyy SuperLuke! :happy:

  7. Happy new year and a Merry Christmas Michelle :kiss: <3

  8. Happy new year Crissy :kiss:

  9. Happy new year Ezraaaa :kiss:

  10. Happy new year to you too Carina! :D

  11. have you watched the movie Requiem For A Dream?

  12. He is sex <3

  13. hey it's ok! :D mine goes insane too :LOL: <3 <3

  14. hey there,chemistry guy! :D

  15. hey what's up?

  16. Hi Chase, LOL I didn't buy the chocolate.. and i don't know what Matt tastes like.. lol.

  17. Hi.. so you play the guitar, i wish i could..

  18. hmm,i don't know,i guess not. why do you say that?

  19. HOW ARE YOU? and how is that little person? :happy:

  20. i checked it out,wasn't that bad.. forget about it,seriously!!

  21. i didn't count,many times,hey it's ok.. i sent a pm to Alex! sometimes things turn against you :D i'm used to it :LOL: nice avatar+profile pic btw <3

  22. i just had a VERY big burger,and now my belly aches,but other than that,i'm fine!:) how are you?

  23. i know,but..

  24. i LOVE Maggie though! :D never talks,but she's always productive and has high IQ rank.. have you watched that episode about Lisa's and Maggie's IQ rank?? that's one of the best ones!!!

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