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  1. we can do anything you want! :D

    sex or whatever! :D:D:D what do you want to drink?

  2. olollll really? i hate them too. and i hate mosquitos. they're really annoying.. i've tortured them to death haha,and killed hundreds of them. we should kill some flies sometime :fear::chuckle:

  3. OMG! you just said you'll have sex with me :happy: wooo!

    afraid?? i'm not gonna kill you.. :( but ok,we'll drink a lot! :eyebrows:

  4. i love your profile pic! :D i wanna take it's eyes out,break it's bones.. love it!

  5. it was! it would've been more amazing if you were with me:kiss: (how gay!) :D

  6. you have the coolest hair ever!!! :awesome: just saying

  7. i love your new Avatar! I <3 U AURI. :awesome:

    and i was really up there.. one of the most interesting 15 minutes i ever had.

  8. oh really?? when will you start doing that again?

  9. did you buy anything from the muse store?

  10. oh wow,you look like a singer to be honest :) should be a lot of fun! right?

  11. oh really? ): oh darling.. ): sure we'll talk about it. luvya too! <333

  12. I'm gooood sweetie! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

    how are youuuuuu??? (i know you're good and super excited) :D:happy:

  13. oh this is so cool! i'm so jealous and happy for you at the same time :D so you're an actress?

  14. jack and the beanstalk! great,i think the show's over by now. how did it go?

  15. thank you Nastya:kiss: and i love sweets toooo:D

    and i have their CDs and some posters.. why did you ask? :) and what do you have?

  16. OH WOWWW! seems like you're having a lot of fun.. i'm so happy for you :happy: the guitar,the snow,aerobics,.. so fun! well,i went to the dentist couple of days ago,for a dental surgery,i couldn't eat for days,but now i'm better. :)

  17. Russian should be a difficult language!

    ohhh,so you're there now!:awesome: and i'm so happy for you because of the scholarship:dance:

    try to have a lotta fun before going back:kiss:

  18. lol,"fucking dream" so you know Russian??

    oh,that's greattt going back to your city,i hope you'll have fun with your family.. is your sister living with your parents or is she living with you?

    Have a nice day and have fun with your parents dear Nastya :kiss: <3333

  19. oh.. i've heard of kherson,it's a funny word for me,cause in our language it means something like "bear" :D

    and well,if you really wanna live in germany you have to learn their language,and you're lucky that your sister knows it well,why don't you start learning it now with her help? and then improve it once you get there... :happy:

  20. i'm not sure if i can give you real snow but..


    i hope it won't make you more eager for snow! :p

  21. dirty? but there are nice places too,right? you live in the capital city? maybe it's only the capital city that's not clean.. and yeah,you're emotional too,i can tell:)

    living in germany.. can you talk in german?

  22. SUNNY? aww.. want some snow..? :D

    i'm happy that you're happy,or at least trying! :kiss:

  23. ohh,Ukraine is close to Poland,right? I've been to Poland(and some other European countries) and enjoyed it.. well i think Ukraine is good too,though i've never been there..) i'll be moving to Poland next year to study(architecting like i said) and.. why don't Ukranian people appreciate their country? (you are doing that too by being eager to live in germany or nederlands!) but it's cool to live in another country to be honest! :D

  24. hmm.. i think i know what you're talking about..

    Elvi you're like "haha" with everything,and i love that about you! :happy:

    and my day was fine til now,i was at home,cause it's freezing outside.. it's snowing:awesome: how was yours? i hope it was fine *crosses fingers*

  25. yes that's wrong,being a psychologist would help you to act better! :happy:

    and acting in plays and theater shows is better than acting in movies to be honest! and i saw your new pics on your album,the ones from the plays.. wow,they're really fantastic..

    it should be a lot of fun! i wonder if i can have any fun being an architect!!

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