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  1. yum yum,sweets! lucky you

    15th would still be good,you can celebrate your birthday on 14th,and enjoy the show on 15th :happy: well i hope they'll go to Ukraine anyways :)

    watching a movie and having beer.. you had a nice Valentine's day by yourself then! ^_^

  2. mission accomplished:dance:

  3. a package from Germany!! oh cool =)

    and Muse in Ukraine? in May? :awesome: i'm sure you'll be happy if they'll have a show on 14th of May (your birthday!) :D

    what movies did you watch? i watched couple of movies yesterday too!


  4. oh hey Nastya! :kiss:

    I'm alright,and things are going well. How are you? you're back to school now i guess :)

    by the way i added you on last.fm,though i don't think you use it :D

    oh and happy valentine's day :happy:

  5. oh great,showbiz has nice guitar parts ;)

    and well,things are going ok in my part of the world,how about your part?

  6. omg! ok,we'll talk soon <333

  7. haha! i've already told you how you look now! :happy: it looked cool before too,and btw,you failed being happy :p

  8. i'm ok i guess. How you doing? :kiss: you've had a haircut?

  9. i'm not sure what i should get for you :( it's a hard choice. should be something special.. ugh! buying gifts is really difficult.. xD

  10. heyyy! i WILL buy you presents.. i have to :D i should give you something that would remind you of me <3

    and yess freindship is a valuable thing!

  11. :( i wanted to be there too :( and give you real kisses and real hugs :( and gifts. aw! damn distance

    :kiss: ILU 2 :kiss:

  12. did you bake that cake? how did it taste? did you take any pics? :D tell meee!

  13. AURORE! Happy birthday my dear:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: <33333

    I FUDGING LOVE YOU,and i'm wishing you the best,MUAH:kiss:

  14. oh amazing! can you play it properly?

  15. ugh! yeah that's disgusting.. :(

    but i never squish them,i torture them :D i capture them in something(anything!) and wait for them to die hahaha!

  16. where are you..??

  17. Everest! wow :awesome:

    we'll be the only ppl doing "it" on a height,higher than the the Everesrt :kiss:

  18. okkk! we'll drink something good,trust me! :)

    and we'll get highhh.. and we'll do "it".. you know, "it" :D

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