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  1. oh lol,you could've write "Chase07" for your username! :LOL:

    and fav muse song..? umm,idk! space dementia,ruled by secrecy,motp,unnatural selection,and.. probably all of them :D how about you?

    what other bands do you listen to?

  2. oh you've enabled the visitor messaging option! and heyyy,when was your birthday?? 25th of December.. oh Happy birthday then! :D

    such a shame for a stalker to miss that :facepalm:

  3. oh,i didn't know!

    and i suppose it's your birthday today,and i know a bit arabian so.. mooloodan mobarak. is that right? i wanted to say happy birthday ;)

  4. oh,i'm fine i guess,just having a backache,and gaining some weight which is really bothering me! :(

    How's you?

  5. oh,it's snowing here,i'm enjoying it! :D

    seems like you had fun with your sister.. is she younger than you?

    doing homeworks while listening to music is gooddd

  6. oh,no problem at all:) and thanks for your help,you know i was sooo confused which songs listening to!

    and so shocked when found out beirut has 12 members :ohmy:

  7. oh.. i've heard of kherson,it's a funny word for me,cause in our language it means something like "bear" :D

    and well,if you really wanna live in germany you have to learn their language,and you're lucky that your sister knows it well,why don't you start learning it now with her help? and then improve it once you get there... :happy:

  8. okkk! we'll drink something good,trust me! :)

    and we'll get highhh.. and we'll do "it".. you know, "it" :D

  9. olol xD yeah! :kiss: (L) <3 :heart: :awesome: => i love this smiley!

    ILU TOOOOO! :kiss:

  10. OMG! you just said you'll have sex with me :happy: wooo!

    afraid?? i'm not gonna kill you.. :( but ok,we'll drink a lot! :eyebrows:

  11. Russian should be a difficult language!

    ohhh,so you're there now!:awesome: and i'm so happy for you because of the scholarship:dance:

    try to have a lotta fun before going back:kiss:

  12. SALAM! Norrozet mobarak :kiss:

    doos mishi,faghat bayad har rooz zandegito inja bashi... :p dastan haa darim ma inja!!

    yahoo id dari.. ya facebook..? :awesome:

    muse ham album hasho kaamel daram ba ahang haye gheyre albumi o tamame videohash! ashegheshun budam baba.. rastesh tu museboard,ozv hayi ke ziyad mian online o maroofan inja,dg kamtar az muse khosheshun miad :LOL: manam dg vaghan az ghadima kamtar gush midam!

    keep in touch kon! :kiss:


    rasti age Muse mikhay chizi ru cd barat bezanam,behet bedam..?

  13. send me the link to the thread whenever you could so i can see myself :D

    yeah,forget about the setlist.. just have fun! Did you get to meet the band..? :)

  14. SOAD are reuinting? awesome!! can't wait to listen to their new songs! :happy:

    Radiohead rocks!! which radiohead songs you like?

    so what do you do? you go to uni? what do you study?

    and you like indian movies?

    (wow,i asked too many questinos..) haha

  15. spicy food is great,pepper makes everything(well not everything:D) tasty!

    "Lotus Flower'? hmm,i didn't know about the video. I should watch it:happy: yes,Thom is greattt! <3

    I'm alright,and about the news,well some stuff going on in my country,seems like there is some hope for change! but i'm still not sure..

    how are you? what's new with yourself?:kiss:

  16. SUNNY? aww.. want some snow..? :D

    i'm happy that you're happy,or at least trying! :kiss:

  17. Sup Fel? :kiss:

    You going to Coke live this year?

  18. sweets>korean food :D

    oooh,you had a very good mark with psychology:awesome:

    and we have the prefect weather in here right now :p

    and yes,i LOVEEEE Radiohead,and i've heard the newsss :dance: i can't wait :happy:

    aren't you excited?

  19. Thank you Elviiiii :kiss: happy new year to you too! <3

    how was 2011 so far?? :D

  20. thank you Nastya:kiss: and i love sweets toooo:D

    and i have their CDs and some posters.. why did you ask? :) and what do you have?

  21. That is so true.. :D

    i'm scared of 2011,don't know why.. or maybe not scared,just excited.. don't you feel anything?

  22. Their songs are so great,as always! =) though i haven't find my favorite songs yet but yeah "codex" is cooool :D yes,Thom has strong feelings :yesey: you can totally feel it in his songs.

    i went back to school today :LOL: i'm so lazy.. i skipped 5days!!

  23. took you forever to reply,but nevermind:)

    your own stuff? wow,you should be a pro!when did you start playing the guitar? and how old are you?

    i do,i play the piano :D

  24. ugh! yeah that's disgusting.. :(

    but i never squish them,i torture them :D i capture them in something(anything!) and wait for them to die hahaha!

  25. we can do anything you want! :D

    sex or whatever! :D:D:D what do you want to drink?

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