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  1. hmm...kare khubie blog nevisi..! :D man ke balad nistam :(


    keya on mishi? are are,kheft kon mano bechatim :D

  2. i guess,that's kind of annoying people being racist.. but,well i would like to stand that expression and be an American :LOL: kidding,i'm actually ok with being an Iranian,cause we have great history :awesome:

    but yeah,you're lucky!

  3. i love your new Avatar! I <3 U AURI. :awesome:

    and i was really up there.. one of the most interesting 15 minutes i ever had.

  4. i would marry him with or without the arm! :D he was just so.. good:(

    damn,i'm gonna watch that movie tomorrow,i miss it!



  5. i'll be waiting for you.. you and your kisses.. l love you too :) <3

    :kiss: take care of yourself.

  6. i'll tell you where i'm from,but don't misjudge me for that(media..) i'm from Iran! and no Christmas here:( so,you guys are having fun during the holidays and we're having exams!:(

    and yeah,i think Andres is a Latin name,haha, so you're 1/4 italian..and the other 3/4 is American? :p

    HAVE FUN :kiss: and Happy New Year btw! :happy:

  7. I'm gooood sweetie! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

    how are youuuuuu??? (i know you're good and super excited) :D:happy:

  8. i'm not sure if i can give you real snow but..


    i hope it won't make you more eager for snow! :p

  9. i'm sorry for asking too many questions,but what's wrong with the government?

    you're just not appreciating what you have Kayley!

  10. I've been ok! thanks,and my name is Faren. nice to meet you too :)

    so your name is Chase and what's Andres? :D

  11. indie movies are not indian movies? :unsure:

    of course i like Radiohead! and no surprises is awesome,but i love Reckoner!xxx and being a reporter is really really cool,good luck with that:thumbsup:oh,and what subjects do you have to study for that?

    and i mostly watch american movies,which are the best ones!:)

  12. Jeddiiii??? :LOL::LOL: manam a in khaba mibinam gahi vaghta!!! :))

    az bas ke bad mikhabim dg.. :-S

    Album instrumental haro are daram,ye chanta site e khub hast vase downloade chiz mizaye Muse,mese www.microcuts.net


    rasti linke facebooketo age dari bede add konam! :D

  13. lol,"fucking dream" so you know Russian??

    oh,that's greattt going back to your city,i hope you'll have fun with your family.. is your sister living with your parents or is she living with you?

    Have a nice day and have fun with your parents dear Nastya :kiss: <3333

  14. lol,what do you think?

    studying hard? ;)

  15. mesenke toam khab nadari.. :LOL:

    are ba kharejia dar ertebatam..khube dige,adam az invar unvar dust peyda mikone :D

    are shayad motad beshi be inja,movazeb bash! jeddi migam!

    Blogetam ke aalie baba!! :\mm/:

  16. mishnasam baba! =)

    are kheyliii vaghte! man badak nistam,to chetori?

    eival,namayesh? namayeshe chi? :awesome:

  17. naww! it's YOU who's pretty *Bliss:kiss:

    ILU <333

  18. No , unfortunately i can't :( but i'll try iit soon :D

    and yeah that gig was amazing :yesey:

  19. NO..i'm not so talented when comes to drawing! :D wow,you draw stuff too?

    it's good to have a sister almost your age..! you can be each others best friends:D you're lucky!!!! idon't have any sisters..

  20. not much,nothing fun,well there was something fun i didn't go to school for 2 days :awesome:

    how old are you by the way?

  21. oh btw,names shouldn't have "al" at the begging of them,right?

    so what's your name?

  22. oh good for you,i'm never concentrating on what the teacher is teaching,haha.i'm always daydreaming :LOL: they're so boring :(


    can you get along with them well?

  23. oh great,showbiz has nice guitar parts ;)

    and well,things are going ok in my part of the world,how about your part?

  24. oh hey Nastya! :kiss:

    I'm alright,and things are going well. How are you? you're back to school now i guess :)

    by the way i added you on last.fm,though i don't think you use it :D

    oh and happy valentine's day :happy:

  25. oh homeschooling xD you can't skip days then :p

    and wowww,you look much older! :D

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