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  1. خوب همین اول کار بگم اینجا هیچکس ادمین نیست و هرکس مسئول پست ها و حرف های خودشه پس لطفا دوستان ادب و شئونات اخلاقی رو رعایت کنید



    راستی یه خبر تو فروم همسایه خوندم که پرینس اجرای زنده تو گرمی و بیلبورد داره و احتمالش هست با هم Sign o' times رو اجرا کنند :cool:


    Yoohoo yoohoo, belakhare in rooz fara resid! ba fingilish type karda ke moshkeli nadarin? :p

  2. I dunno, I've replied to heaps... and I talk on here, I'm still a chat muser though.. maybe I'm a little of both.. which is silly, I know how they conflict.. :D


    ..she stayed in your mum,when we all left to the cave..

    and your mum was full of boardies.. so..

  3. Have any of you ever wished you could get on muse chat whenever you wanted? Don't you think it'd be cool to have an iPod/iPhone app for it.. Cos you can't use it on the phone internet, needing a falsh player and all... what are your thoughts? Should it be invented? Would people actually use it?


    I know it'd be helpful, you can go on it wherever you are.. No need to log onto the computer and you could be anywhere and still chat...


    welcome to the boards Bliss! :)

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