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  1. cheers mike! cool pic

  2. yeah 18 is good,but i wanna be 20:) your age!

    WOWWW!!! you're having a lotta fun then! i love arts too,and psychology as well! :happy:

    but yeah i'm studying maths,and of course,it's not easy! i'm planning to be an architect,hopefully!

    do you act? in plays?

  3. oh you've enabled the visitor messaging option! and heyyy,when was your birthday?? 25th of December.. oh Happy birthday then! :D

    such a shame for a stalker to miss that :facepalm:

  4. well yeah that's why i like architecting,cause it sets a balance between maths and arts(maybe!) and it needs a lot of creativity(which is a bit stressful!) and thanks for wishing me luck Nastya:kiss:

    but i still think what you're studying is much more fun and interesting.. being a psychologist..! great.. good luck for you too <333 :happy: and please keep doing the drama thing and the plays.. you can be a DRAMA QUEEN! :awesome:

  5. Sure :) and nice pic btw.. snowww :D and happy new year :happy:

  6. cool avatar!! it's creepy..

  7. oh thanks,don't you think it's creepy?

  8. greetings hamvatan! :p

  9. sure;) yeah,i'm new.. :D

  10. you've been to a lot muse shows! wow.. how does that feel??:(

  11. hey there,chemistry guy! :D

  12. you've been to a lot muse shows! wow.. how does that feel??:(

  13. yes that's wrong,being a psychologist would help you to act better! :happy:

    and acting in plays and theater shows is better than acting in movies to be honest! and i saw your new pics on your album,the ones from the plays.. wow,they're really fantastic..

    it should be a lot of fun! i wonder if i can have any fun being an architect!!

  14. Happy new year and a Merry Christmas Michelle :kiss: <3

  15. so when was ur birthday? :D happy birthday..

  16. A visitor message? from Dave? i should feel a bit privileged.. i do feel like that! lol.. you've proven that you're trustworthy! :yesey: you deserve a kiss :kiss:

  17. aw,thank you dear Nastyaaa! :kiss: yours is good tooooo! and i'm fine! :happy:

    how are you??

  18. oh,it's snowing here,i'm enjoying it! :D

    seems like you had fun with your sister.. is she younger than you?

    doing homeworks while listening to music is gooddd

  19. NO..i'm not so talented when comes to drawing! :D wow,you draw stuff too?

    it's good to have a sister almost your age..! you can be each others best friends:D you're lucky!!!! idon't have any sisters..

  20. oh yeah,i have some REALLY good friends.. we're really close! and i have a nice brother! :D well,he's older than me,but we get along real well. you have any brothers?:)

  21. Happy new year Ezraaaa :kiss:

  22. yeah tooo late for an older brothe,lol

    no it's not a secret,i'm almost 18(in 4 months)! and,i'm a student last year of high school(it's a pre-university course) and i study maths! how about yourself? you're a uni student..? and what do you study?

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