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  1. but i love you too <3

  2. I'm mad at you...

  3. greetings hamvatan! :p

  4. Omg!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO muchhhh!!! :kiss::kiss: HAVE AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS IN CHINAAA! :kiss::kiss: And get on chat sometime :( <3

  5. Yes,it's been TOO long :(:phu: you're never on Skype or MSN.

  6. :stongue: :stongue: :stongue: :fap: :fap: :fap: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. China?!! WHOA! You're one lucky person! Have fine out thereee! Take loads of pictures and then make us all jealous :chuckle:

  8. Y U never on chat?! =( I love your fingers btw :kiss:

  9. wut?!! Only two?! Hey come onnn..you should have at least of the pack,otherwise you can't experience the MAGIC of Skittles! ;) If you know what i'm saying :p

  10. Steal the pack if you can! :p I'm not giving you any!! MOOOHAHAHA! lol jk,i can share ;)

  11. I will kiss your bald head <3

  12. Fank you:kiss: I'm just wondering should i have the Skittles or..use my mouth for other purposes? :p Lick your face maybe? or..

  13. I'm not sure if i can find it in my "heart" :p But well..maybe i can forgive you if you give me your sexy hair ;)

  14. Wanna have sex? :stongue: YOU SO SEXY!

  15. Musechat's no good without you :(

  16. Someone misses her friend! :(

  17. FAP FAP FAP FAP! duh..the whole place is wet..ugh vfwnekbgnioh!

  18. I wanted to,but somehow i didn't! I'm in Krakow though.. The bands weren't that good anyway

  19. He is sex <3

  20. Joakim Berg?

  21. Sup Fel? :kiss:

    You going to Coke live this year?

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