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  1. Hi Julie,


    Sorry its taken me time to answer you, been under the weather with the heat here this past week. Didn't go out much this last week, so I'm going to try n run all my errands these next two days while its comfortable. One of my errands is returning a VCR I bought, its just not compatible with my old TV.=(


    I just got the Showbiz CD the other day, now I just need the live CD's. =) Did you find a copy of the Muse autobiography yet?


    At the moment I'm still working with beads and componants since I'm still new to jewelry making, but I'm getting eager to try bigger and better projects - I ordered a Jewelry Making For Dummies book off of Amazon a few days ago, can't wait to get it.


    Been listening to Fillip, Shrinking Universe and Uprising alot this past week/weekend. And of course the Showbiz CD.


    Have a fun weekend, happy 4th of July!

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