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  1. I don't suppose there's any chance they play I Belong to You during their US tour is there? I noticed they played it at the first night of their recent back to back Wembley shows. I mean the song was on the Twilight soundtrack right so that means some people have at least heard of it? Maybe I'm just being hopeful.
  2. I unfortunately might need to sell my 2 tix to the Sunday show as well. Family stuff always ruins the fun. Anyway anyone who would like to purchase 2 Pit Tix feel free to PM me and hopefully we can arrange a meet up so I can get you the tix. On a side note, not sure if everyone knows or not but the parking on the Downtown LA streets around Staples Center is free on Sundays (parking meters should state that they only apply Monday-Saturday). Thus I would recommend parking over on Hope street, around 11th and 12th street by the Palm Restaurant and Metro Blue Line Pico stop. Your walk will be less than 5 minutes and better yet you'll save $20 or whatever it is they charge to park over there. And don't worry about getting jacked or anything: I lived in that area for a year and it is definitely the nicer part of downtown.
  3. anyone know of the parking situation at the Honda Center? just wondering if there were any areas with shopping plazas or street parking within reasonable walking distance. people going to the Staples Center show are lucky: all the streets around the area have free parking on Sundays!
  4. LOL this sounds like the morning of a huge race or sports competition. But I agree with the Pee schedule. I made the mistake last time of getting quite inebriated in line and then not realizing how badly I would have to go to the potty during the show. Rookie mistake. There will be people camping out all day. I got to my last Muse show at around 5 pm and was already pretty far back, though I had a great view of the stage. I would say if you want to be at the very very front, be prepared to get there early afternoon if not earlier.
  5. Congrats man. Major E-Props. How'd you find out about it? And did you actually call into KROQ or just enter through their website? I'm hoping I head home from work to find the same notice. A man can dream can't he?
  6. agreed. i've taken the metro from Pasadena to downtown a few times and it's perfectly safe. the only thing you might want to check is times heading back home after the show. it is a weekend and the trains run a little more infrequently.
  7. If you care about being able to see the band for the entirety of the show, the barrier is the safest bet. There are always going to be some semi-tall to tall people around you unless you get to the very front. I personally enjoy staying centered so I have a nice view of the entire stage though with all the jumping up and down that goes on at a Muse concert, you will definitely find yourself re-located at some point. Go with the flow.
  8. Having visited Cape Town for the World Cup this year, I second the nomination. What a great city and country. SA now has all these great new venues for Muse to sell out. As a second choice I would like to suggest my back yard.
  9. Btw does it seem to everyone attending this show that there are significantly fewer folks going than the 1st night? Just comparing the number of posts between the two threads shows quite a discrepancy. I guess people don't want to party hard before Monday.
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