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  1. I'm sure we've seen these video's of Tom before, but I find his attempts at the southern drawl to be pretty lolz-worthy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMq_4Ap4Z5c&feature=related[/center] KFC, Chicken, Home cookin' and "Yawool". The guy talking with him is kind of
  2. I'd like to participate in this glorious project but (1) I'm broke and (2) I live in the U.S. Damn it...I wanted to do something for Chris... I feel left out... If this goes any farther do you think we should make a new thread?
  3. I'm think it could be the symbol for supermassive black hole. I could be wrong... How is Chris supposed to get his t-shirt??? Do you think we should write a note for him or something?
  4. Some night after a Muse concert I had a dream that, after the gig, I met Matt, Dom and Chris in a hallway. I talked to Chris a lot remembering that we never get to see him open his mouth much. We greeted each other and they invited me to come sit with them later on in the evening when they went to eat. Of course I said yes and so very I was overly excited seeing as this kind of thing never happens to me (anywayyy). As I was walking in the restaurant to go eat with them, I saw them and hurried over to their table. Just as I was about to sit down, they suddenly turned into LEGO's... :'( I tuned to Tom and I was like,"What the hell, Tom???"
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