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  1. thanks^^ im less worried now that i know that it isn't only in my case that the wait has been long. im just used to get the stuff i order the week after so i thought that i wasn't going to get it
  2. i ordered a exogenesis t-shirt, a bird gym bag and a haarp cd from the online shop here on muse.mu, but its been almost six weeks now an i haven't got it yet. i ordered it a week before the incident with the volcano cloud on Iceland so i have kind of hoped that i would get it when planes started flying again, but i'm starting to lose hope. posting this is my last desperate attempt to try and get some help, i have written to shopsupport@muse.mu five times now but they doesn't write back... if you have some ideas of how to get what i payed for i would be really happy because i don't know what to do...
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