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  1. Simulation Theory Album Chart Positions for the Week Ending 28 February 2019: #12 USA Top Album Sales (8k albums sold and 108k est. sold RTD) - Sales boosted by concert ticket/merchandise bundle offer redemptions #16 Canada Top Albums (Re-entry) #24 USA Digital Albums (Re-entry) #36 France Album Downloads (Debuted at #1) #38 Belgium-Wallonia (16 consecutive weeks on chart) #45 France Physical Albums (CDs and Vinyl) #56 Switzerland (16 consecutive weeks on chart) #74 France Top Albums (16 consecutive weeks on chart) - Sales and Streams #78 Spain (16 consecutive weeks on chart) #79 USA Billboard 200 (Re-entry) - Album + Track Sales + Streams (9k equivalent album units) #95 Italy (15 weeks on chart)
  2. 'Unintended' #52 France Top 200 Song Downloads Sales Chart (SNEP) - Debut On its release over 18 years ago in the summer of 2000, this fifth single from Showbiz debuted at #20 in the UK and #99 in the Netherlands but never charted in France. 'Psycho' Fifth MUSE track to reach the milestone of 100 million-plus streams on Spotify after Uprising, Madness, SMBH, and Starlight. 'Pressure' and 'The Dark Side' Latest ST songs to exceed 10 million views on YouTube after TC, DD, and SH.
  3. 'Supermassive Black Hole' Certified Platinum (600 000 units) by BPI - The band's 1st single to attain this sales threshold in the UK Simulation Theory Certified Gold (25 000 units) by FIMI in Italy ST Week 14 Album Chart Positions: #26(-2) USA Top Album Sales (3,000+) - Approaching 100k RTD #34 Portugal #35 Belgium Wallonia #52 Switzerland #60 France (#40 Physical Sales; #46 Downloads) #79 Belgium Flanders #83 Spain #86 Italy
  4. 'Unintended' enters the Top 100 song downloads chart at Apple iTunes in both France (#32 peak) and Switzerland (#72 peak) after contestant Ismail performed the song on The Voice in France this past weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ_fQsdwXWY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP8NLX0MhGY
  5. Total Weeks on the US Billboard Alternative Songs Top 40 Airplay Chart for two UK bands: 447 weeks MUSE with 20 tracks starting with 'Time Is Running Out' debuting on the 10 April 2004 dated tally and the current 'Pressure' on the 16 March 2019 dated tally 444 weeks COLDPLAY with 25 tracks starting with 'Yellow' debuting on the 2 December 2000 dated tally and the last charting track 'Something Just Like This' on the 5 August 2017 dated tally MUSE have now overtaken COLDPLAY in second place as the foreign act with the most charted weeks behind Irish band U2 which has spent 475 total weeks with 42 songs on this tally since its inception in September 1988
  6. 'Starlight' Certified Platinum in Italy by FIMI in December 2018 - Fourth MUSE track to reach this certification level {50 000 units sold] in that market after TIRO, Madness, and Uprising. 'Apocalypse Please' Declare this an emergency Come on and spread a sense of urgency... First Live Performance: 26 May 2002 in Moscow, Russia at the Stunt Festival Last Live Performance in the USA: 1 February 2016 at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC Chart Position: #10 UK Official Singles Downloads Chart Dated 29 August 2004 - Released as a charity single https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/singles-downloads-chart/20040829/7000/ Declare this [Mexico Southern Border Wall Funding] a national emergency - 'I didn't need to do this' - DJT Declare this [2003 Iraq War] a national emergency - GWB WMD not found
  7. The Simulation Theory Worldwide Tour is the fourth consecutive MUSE tour to sell more than 1 million concert tickets worldwide and generate more than US$80 million in gross ticket sales revenue [Possible additional dates/legs yet to be announced/confirmed for Asia, South America, Australia and Europe/North America] ST Arena and Stadium Tour Estimated Attendance Breakdown by Market so far in 2019: 800k Europe including 200k+ in France, 125k+ each in the UK and Italy, 45k+ in Spain, and 30k+ each in Germany, the Netherlands and Russia 150k USA (17 shows x 9k avg attendance) 40k Canada (3 shows x 14k avg attendance) 80k Mexico 15k Chile 15k Peru
  8. 'Pressure' is the 10th career top 5 track for MUSE on the US Billboard Alternative Radio Airplay chart peaking so far at #5. TC reached #1, DD #3, and SH #10. Simulation Theory - Latest Album Chart Positions 13th Week of Release (600,000 equivalent album units sold worldwide to date) #24 USA Top Album Sales (6k copies sold during the past two weeks boosted by concert ticket/album sale bundle offers redeemed by fans attending the 11 March gig at The Forum in LA) #30 Portugal Top Albums #41 Belgium Wallonia Top Albums #42 Switzerland Top Albums #68 France Top Albums (#40 Physical Sales; #50 Downloads) #71 Canada Top Album Sales #76 Italy Top Albums #82 Belgium Flanders Top Albums #86 Spain Top Albums #100 United Kingdom Top Album Sales
  9. 2018-19 Global Equivalent Album Sales Estimates for Notable Alternative Rock Bands (Mediatraffic.de): >1.1 million Pray for the Wicked - Panic! At The Disco >1 million Trench - twenty one pilots >1 million Origins - Imagine Dragons >700k Delta - Mumford & Sons >600k Simulation Theory - MUSE >500k Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino - Arctic Monkeys >300k A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships - The 1975 Ninth Week of Release Album Chart Positions for Simulation Theory: #17(-2) Belgium-Wallonia #35(-4) France (#17 Downloads) #37(-2) Italy #54(-12) Belgium-Flanders #55(-1) Netherlands #61(-21) USA (Top Album Sales) - 2k sold #68(-13) Scotland #88(-21) United Kingdom (#42 Downloads) #89(+8) Canada Top 5 MUSE songs on YouTube ranked by total views as of 14 January 2019: 157 million Uprising 115m Madness 100m Starlight 91m Resistance 81m Undisclosed Desires Top 5 MUSE songs on Spotify ranked by total streams as of 14 January 2019: 216m Uprising 154m Madness 127m Supermassive Black Hole 126m Starlight 98m Psycho
  10. 'Pressure' spends a fifth consecutive week at #9 and is still gaining weekly spins on the second US Billboard Alternative Songs Airplay tally for 2019. The track also reaches a new peak at #20 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Airplay survey. 2018 Year-End Album Chart Positions for Simulation Theory (Based on only 7 Weeks of Sales): #16 Switzerland (Hitparade) #21 Belgium-Wallonia (Ultratop) #?? France (SNEP) - Position will be revealed soon #67 Netherlands (Megacharts) #72 Italy (FIMI) #73 Belgium-Flanders (Ultratop) #77 United Kingdom (OCC) Eighth Week Album Chart Positions for ST: #15(+7) Switzerland #15(-2) Belgium-Wallonia #31(-7) France (#15 Downloads) #35(-10) Italy #40(+11) USA (Top Album Sales) - 3k sold #42(-10) Belgium-Flanders #50(-14) Spain #54(-19) Netherlands #55(+8) Scotland #67(-8) United Kingdom (#19 Downloads; #46 Sales; #66 Physical; and > Top 100 Streaming) #97(-) Canada MUSE Career California Gigs (72 and counting) from 1998-2019 by Metro Area: Greater Los Angeles (41): Beverly Hills (1): Maverick Records Audition for Guy Oseary 1998 - Played Cave and Muscle Museum Anaheim (2) Irvine (2) San Bernardino (2) Santa Monica (2) W. Hollywood (3) Inglewood (4): The Forum Indio (4): Coachella Universal City (4) Downtown Los Angeles (17): Staples Center; Memorial Coliseum; Sports Arena; Wiltern, Mayan, and Greek Theatres; Grammy Museum; Yahoo Bay Area (15): San Francisco (7) Oakland (5) Mountain View (2) Napa (1) San Diego Metro Area (10): San Diego (8) Del Mar (1) Chula Vista (1) Sacramento Metro Area (6): Sacramento (4) Davis (2)
  11. France is the only market where every MUSE album (8 studio and 3 live) released from 1999-2018 has sold over 100 000 copies. ST and Live at Rome Olympic Stadium have not yet reached this sales threshold in the UK and the US.
  12. Seventh Week Album Chart Positions for ST: #13(-) Belgium-Wallonia #20(+4) Portugal #24(-1) France (#10 Digital and #20 Physical Sales) - 100k+ equivalent album units sold to date #25(-) Italy #32(-5) Belgium-Flanders #35(-3) Netherlands #36(-4) Spain #51(+43) USA (Top Album Sales) - 75k+ est. pure album sales/80k+ est. equivalent album units sold to date #59(-7) United Kingdom* - 80k+ est. sold to date #63(-2) Scotland #97(Re-entry) Canada #169(Re-entry) USA (Billboard 200) *ST skyrocketed 50 positions to #22 from #72 on this week's UK Official Album Downloads Chart likely due to the discounted price of £5.99 for the standard edition of the album at Apple iTunes. Past and future notable concerts and football matches at the new Estadio Wanda Metropolitano (Capacity 68,000) in Madrid, Spain: 22 June 2018 Bruno Mars 14 July 2018 Iron Maiden - 49k est. attendance 9 February 2019 - Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid (LaLiga) 20 February 2019 - Atletico Madrid vs. Juventus (UEFA Champions League Round of 16 First Leg) 1 June 2019 - Teams To Be Determined (UEFA Champions League Final)** 11 June 2019 Ed Sheeran 7 July 2019 Bon Jovi 26 July 2019 MUSE **The last two UCL Finals in Spain which featured English football clubs took place in 1980 at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid and in 1999 at Camp Nou in Barcelona. Nottingham Forest and Manchester United were victorious in those respective matches. Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Manchester United advanced to the Round of 16 knock out phase in this year's tournament. Did the BHaR album cover art designed by Storm Thorgerson*** in 2006 and set in Bardenas, Spain foreshadow/presage populist demagogue leaders like DJT? Greed/Corruption [Gold] lyrical theme featured on opening track TaB Narcissism/Egomania [Mirrors] Intolerance/Xenophobia [Religious Symbols] Paranoia/Delusions [Eyes] https://www.rockarchive.com/prints/m/muse-muse002st ***Thorgerson also designed the album covers for MUSE's Absolution and Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon among many others.
  13. Physical and digital album sales for most artists including even Taylor Swift have nose-dived the past two years due to streaming. The one exception: Ed Sheeran whose latest album ÷ [Divide] has sold around 8 million copies and his ÷ [Divide] World Tour from 2017-2019 is on track to sell close to 8 million concert tickets and take in $700+ million at the box office matching or possibly surpassing the attendance totals generated by U2's 360° tour during 2009-2011. https://www.ifpi.org/news/Ed-Sheeran-officially-named-the-best-selling-global-recording-artist-of-2017 Sale pricing at Apple Music for the standard edition of Simulation Theory has boosted end of year holiday sales for the album in the UK, the US, and Canada. Album peak chart positions for ST at iTunes in the following markets during the last two weeks of December 2018 and the first week of January 2019 #10 Singapore #13 Austria #14 France (Deluxe) #16 Switzerland #17 United Kingdom #19 Belgium #20 Russia #23 Canada #24 Italy #36 Netherlands #39 Spain #39 United States (#6 Alternative) #40 Mexico #41 Norway #43 New Zealand #45 Australia #52 France (Standard) #65 Slovenia #67 South Africa #86 Germany #105 Kazakhstan #172 Ukraine
  14. Sixth Week Album Chart Positions for Simulation Theory: #13(+2) Belgium-Wallonia #19(-1) Switzerland #23(+4) France #24(-3) Portugal #25(+6) Italy #27(-5) Belgium-Flanders #32(+2) Netherlands #32(+2) Spain #52(-2) United Kingdom #61(-6) Scotland #62(-3) Austria #73(+1) Germany #94(Re-entry) USA (Top Album Sales) Worldwide Equivalent Album Sales Estimates for Simulation Theory (Mediatraffic.de): 420k (190k 1st wk; 83k 2nd wk; 61k 3rd wk; 46k 4th wk; 40k 5th wk)
  15. Fifth Week Album Chart Positions for Simulation Theory: #15(-2) Belgium-Wallonia #18(-6) Switzerland #22(-) Belgium-Flanders #21(-4) Portugal #27(-7) France #31(+2) Italy #34(-16) Netherlands #34(-11) Spain #50(-7) United Kingdom (BPI Certified SILVER 60k units sold) #55(-8) Scotland #59(-12) Austria #74(-25) Germany ST is the first MUSE album to have the first four singles (#3 Dig Down; #1 Thought Contagion; #10 Something Human; and #9 Pressure) all reach the Top 10 on the US Billboard Alternative Songs airplay chart. ST is also the band's first album to yield seven songs (DD; TC; SH; Pressure; TDS; Algorithm; and Propaganda) on the French Singles Top 200 charts and five songs on the Swiss Singles Top 100 chart.
  16. List of MUSE career headliner gigs at football venues by country: UNITED KINGDOM (11): Wembley Stadium (4) - London Emirates Stadium (2) - London Etihad (2) - Manchester London (Olympic) Stadium (1) - London 2019* Ricoh Arena (1) - Coventry Ashton Gate (1) - Bristol *Also performed 'Survival' at the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony at this venue FRANCE (10): Stade de France (6) - Saint-Denis/Paris Parc des Princes (1) - Paris Stade Vélodrome (1) - Marseilles Stade Charles-Ehrmann (1) - Nice Matmut Atlantique (1) - Bordeaux ITALY (7): Stadio San Siro di Milano (3) Stadio Olimpico di Roma (2) Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino di Torino (2) SPAIN (4): Wanda Metropolitano (1): Madrid Estadio Calderón (1): Madrid Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys (1): Barcelona San Mamés (1): Bilbao (MTV World Stage) RUSSIA (3): Luzhniki Stadium (1): Moskva Spartak Stadium/Otkritie Arena (1): Moskva (Park Live Festival) Petrovsky Stadium (1) - Saint-Petersburg (Tuborg Greenfest) SWITZERLAND (2): Stade de Suisse Wankdorf (2): Bern GERMANY (2): RheinEnergieStadion (1): Cologne Veltins (AufSchalke) Arena (1): Gelsenkirchen (Rock im Revier Festival) NETHERLANDS (1): Johan Cruijff ArenA (1): Amsterdam PORTUGAL (1): Estádio do Dragão (1): Oporto FINLAND (1): Olympic Stadium (1): Helsinki BRAZIL (1): Allianz Parque (1): São Paulo NORWAY (1): Brann Stadion (1): Bergen MONACO (1): Stade Louis II (1): Monaco UNITED STATES (1): Memorial Coliseum (1): Los Angeles, CA USA (L.A. Rising with co-headliners Rage Against The Machine) List of MUSE career supporting gigs at football stadiums by country: Opening for Depeche Mode's Touring the Angel Tour SWEDEN (1): Olympiastadion (1): Stockholm Opening for U2's 360° Tour ARGENTINA (3): Estadio Unico Ciudad de la Plata (3): La Plata/Buenos Aires BRAZIL (3): Estadio do Morumbi (3): São Paulo CHILE (1): Estadio Nacional (1): Santiago UNITED STATES (9): Giants Stadium (2): East Rutherford, NJ FedExField (1): Landover, MD Scott Stadium (1): Charlottesville, VA Carter-Finley Stadium (1): Raleigh, NC Raymond James Stadium (1): Tampa, FL Georgia Dome (1): Atlanta, GA Cowboys Stadium (1): Arlington/Dallas, TX Reliant Stadium (1): Houston, TX
  17. MUSE will be one of the select few Western artists to ever headline a concert at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow when they play at the largest football stadium in Russia in June 2019. MUSE have previously played gigs at Spartak Stadium (Otkritie Arena) and the Olympijskiy Stadium in Moscow. Below is a list of artists who have played gigs at the Luzhniki national stadium of Russia which notably has also hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games; the 2008 UEFA Champions League final between Manchester United and Chelsea; and the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final between France and Croatia: 1989 Music Peace Festival (Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Mötley Crüe, Cinderella, and Gorky Park are among the bands who took part in this two-day event in Moscow before the dissolution of the Soviet Union) 1993 Michael Jackson 1998 The Rolling Stones 2006 Madonna (38k attendance) 2007 Metallica 2010 U2 (60k attendance) 2012 Red Hot Chili Peppers 2018 Robbie Williams (Opening Ceremony of the FIFA World Cup) 2018 Imagine Dragons (50k attendance) 2019 Bon Jovi 2019 MUSE 2019 Metallica The only other football stadiums in Europe which have hosted a Summer Olympic Games, UEFA CL Final, and a FIFA World Cup Final and where MUSE have performed one or more headlining concerts are the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and Wembley [known as Empire Stadium during the 1948 Olympic Games] in London. The Stade de France in Saint-Denis (north of Paris) will be the fourth venue meeting the above cited criteria when it is scheduled to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.
  18. 'Pressure' #11(-3) US Alternative Songs (Billboard) Likely to become MUSE's 16th career top 10 track on next week's alternative airplay survey, one behind Smashing Pumpkins' total of 17 Top Songs on YouTube for the Past 7 Days December 2018 (Based on Total Global Streams and Views): 1. Starlight 2. Pressure 3. Uprising 4. Undisclosed Desires 5. Time Is Running Out 6. Hysteria 7. The Dark Side 8. Something Human 9. Madness 10. Resistance 11. Propaganda 12. Knights of Cydonia 13. Thought Contagion 14. Algorithm 15. Unintended 16. The Void 17. Algorithm (A/R Version) 18. Plug In Baby 19. Feeling Good 20. Dead Inside Note: At least one song/music video from each of the band's eight studio albums is represented on the above tally. Where People Are Listening to MUSE: 1. Paris (Top City) followed by Mexico City, Jakarta, Milan, Rome, London, Surabaya, Bogota, Madrid, and Kyiv 1. United States (Top Country) followed by France, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, UK, Spain, Brazil, Germany and Canada Source: Artist Insights Charts YouTube
  19. 2018 Year-End US Top Alternative Songs (Billboard): #12 Thought Contagion [#1 Broken - lovelytheband] #48 Something Human Fourth Week Album Chart Positions for Simulation Theory: #12(-3) Switzerland #13(-4) Belgium-Wallonia #17(-8) Portugal #18(-5) Netherlands #18(Re-entry) Argentina #20(-7) France >70k RTD #22(-2) Belgium-Flanders #25(-4) Spain #33(-21) Italy #43(-11) United Kingdom >60k RTD #46(-11) Scotland #47(-17) Austria #49(-15) Germany #68(-35) Canada #92(-71) USA (Top Album Sales) >67k RTD
  20. £500k raised for the The Prince's Trust at the RAH gig in early December! The Simulation Theory Era will likely mark the second consecutive album touring cycle where worldwide MUSE concert ticket sales will exceed worldwide album sales: ST Concert Ticket Sales: 850k est. sold for first 41 Stadium/Outdoor Venue/Arena dates* ST Album Sales: 700k est. based on 400k units sold for first five weeks of release Drones Concert Ticket Sales: 1.5 million (Arenas, Amphitheaters, and Clubs) Drones Album Sales: 1.3 million est. T2L Concert Ticket Sales: 1.7 million est. (Arenas, Stadiums, and Clubs) T2L Album Sales: 2.3 million est. TR Concert Ticket Sales: 1.7 million est. (Arenas, Stadiums, and Clubs) TR Album Sales: 4.0 million est. BHaR Concert Ticket Sales: 750k est. (Arenas, Stadiums, and Clubs) BHaR Album Sales: 4.5 million est. Abso Concert Ticket Sales: 300k est. (Arenas and Clubs) Abso Album Sales: 3.5 million est. OoS Concert Ticket Sales: 150k est. (Arenas and Clubs) OoS Album Sales: 2.0 million est. Showbiz Concert Ticket Sales: 50k est. (Clubs) Showbiz Album Sales: 1.2 million est. *Los Angeles, Mexico, Other Europe, South America, Japan, Other Asia, and Australia concert dates could be added for late 2019 and 2020
  21. 'Pressure' #14(+1) - US Alternative Songs #15(+2) - US Rock Airplay #26(+2) - US Mainstream Rock Songs Top Selling Vinyl Albums in the USA for the Chart Week Dated 24 November 2018 (Billboard/Nielsen Music): #1 The Beatles [White Album] - The Beatles #2 Simulation Theory - MUSE Third Week Album Chart Positions for Simulation Theory: #9(-5) Switzerland #9(-5) Portugal #9(-7) Belgium-Wallonia #12(-) Italy #13(-6) France #13(-3) Netherlands #19(-13) Finland #20(-11) Belgium-Flanders #21(-10) Spain #21(-12) USA (Top Album Sales) - 61k RTD #23(-18) Canada #30(-16) Austria #32(-11) United Kingdom #34(-10) Germany #75(-42) USA (Billboard 200) #99(-45) Ireland Most Streamed ST Tracks on Spotify as of 31 December 2018 (Ranked by Current Top 10 Popularity): 16m - Pressure 5m - Propaganda 13m - The Dark Side 5m - Algorithm 30m - Thought Contagion 15m - Something Human 27m - Dig Down Most Streamed ST Tracks on YouTube as of 31 December 2018 (Ranked by Current Daily Average Views): 8m - Pressure 9m - The Dark Side 2m - Propaganda 3m - Algorithm 11m - Something Human 1m - The Void 17m - Thought Contagion 1m - Get Up and Fight 1m - Blockades 1m - Break It To Me 16m - Dig Down
  22. UPDATE - SIMULATION THEORY WORLDWIDE NO. 1 BY A WHISKER! http://www.mediatraffic.de/albums-week47-2018.htm Top 5 Global Albums for Week Ending 15 November 2018: 1. Muse - Simulation Theory - 1 week at No.1 - 190.000 / 190.000 2. Imagine Dragons - Origins - 187.000 / 187.000 3. The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album) - 159.000 / ~ 22 million sold to date 4. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born (Soundtrack) - 158.000 / 1.324.000 sold to date 5. Kane Brown - Experiment - 128.000 / 128.000
  23. Stat du jour! MUSE actually outsold Imagine Dragons and Kane Brown in pure album sales this past week in the U.S. according to Billboard/Nielsen Music. #9 Simulation Theory 16-17k (#6 Debut Week 33k) #12 Origins 12-13k (#2 Debut Week 61k) #18 Experiment 9-10k (#1 Debut Week 105k) Simulation Theory's second-week album sales were likely bolstered by sales generated by a concert ticket/album sale redemption offer with the band's upcoming U.S. 2019 tour. Simulation Theory - Equivalent Album Units (Est.) Two Week Totals Cumulative To Date - Top 3 Markets 54k USA 52k UK 50k France (Certified Gold)
  24. No promotion, hype or critical buzz and last studio album Evolve was released only 18 months ago. Radio airplay over satuation. To wit: Smoke + Mirrors sold 172k albums in the USA in its first week in February 2015; Evolve 109k in June 2017; and Origins 61k in November 2018. However, ID is the most popular pop/rock band at streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. National album chart debut positions in selected markets around the world for: Simulation Theory [WMG] vs Origins [uMG] United Kingdom: #1 vs #9 Scotland: #1 vs #13 Switzerland: #1 vs #2 Netherlands: #1 vs #3 Belgium (Wallonia): #1 vs #7 Italy: #2 vs #5 Portugal: #2 vs #3 Belgium (Flanders): #2 vs #6 Russia (iTunes): #2 vs #1 France: #3 vs #5 Finland: #3 vs. #4 Canada: #3 vs. #1 Austria: #3 vs #2 Estonia: #3 vs #2 Germany: #4 vs #6 Spain: #4 vs #6 Hungary: #4 vs #10 New Zealand: #4 vs #3 Ireland: #5 vs #11 Croatia: #5 vs Below Top 50 USA (Top Album Sales): #6 vs #2 Japan (Western Albums): #6 vs #16 Australia: #7 vs #4 Argentina: #9 vs #5 Czech Republic: #9 vs #2 Slovakia: #11 vs #1 USA (Billboard 200): #12 vs #2 Poland: #13 vs #7 Greece: #13 vs #42 Japan: #15 vs Below Top 50 Denmark: #16 vs #6 Norway: #17 vs #2 Sweden: #17 vs #2
  25. 中国大陆 - Mainland China (The 10th Biggest Music Market in the World) Apple Music Top Most Streamed (Western Pop/Rock Band) Albums on 24 November 2018: #6 Origins (Deluxe) - Imagine Dragons #24 Origins - Imagine Dragons #51 Evolve - Imagine Dragons #79 Bohemian Rhapsody OST - Queen #80 Simulation Theory (Super Deluxe) - MUSE #86 A Head Full of Dreams - Coldplay #89 Red Pill Blues (Deluxe) - Maroon 5 #126 A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships - The 1975 #143 Thank You & Good Night - Boyzone #156 Night Visions - Imagine Dragons #159 Abbey Road - The Beatles #161 Delta - Mumford & Sons #177 The Beatles [White Album] (Super Deluxe] - The Beatles #184 One More Light - LINKIN PARK
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