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  1. Update: Phoenix now has more plays (2,246 for its two songs) than Muse which is now in second place with 2,181 spins for its latest three releases according to the most recent Mediabase rankings. NCS only received 411 spins last week. However when airplay for other Muse songs like SMBH, UD, Starlight, Hysteria, etc. is taken into account it is very likely Muse remains the most played act in that radio format. Amazing stat!! "Uprising" debuted at #16 on the Billboard Modern Rock airplay chart dated 22 August 2009. It is still ranked at #12 on the latest 31 July 2010 chart after 50 weeks and has never dropped below its debut position.
  2. Worldwide tours, album sales, corporate endorsements, and entrepreneurial enterprises have helped secure the top-earning musicians for 2010, Forbes has revealed with their newly published Top Ten list of earners calculated on the earnings from the last financial year (June 2009 through June 2010): 1. U2 ($130 million) 2. AC/DC ($114 million) 3. Beyoncé ($87 million) 4. Bruce Springsteen ($70 million) 5. Britney Spears ($64 million) 6. Jay-Z ($63 million) 7. Lady Gaga ($62 million) 8. Madonna ($58 million) 9. Kenny Chesney ($50 million) 10. Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and Toby Keith ($48 million) Muse ($30-35 million) estimated earnings during the same period above and estimated total net earnings of $45-50 million (£32 million) for the entire Resistance tour (September 2009 through December 2010) which also includes album sales and song royalties.
  3. MUSE The Resistance Tour (September 2009 - December 2010) Projected Gross (US$) by Territory $5 million - Asia (8 shows) $10 million - Australia/New Zealand (14 shows) $20 million - United Kingdom (14 shows) $30 million - North America (59 shows) $50 million - Rest of Europe (49 shows) $115 million - Total (144 shows) The gross figures above include both estimated concert ticket sales reported to Billboard and Pollstar and festival headliner fees and U2 tour support fees last fall in the USA. It may be difficult for Muse to break even in North America since daily tour costs may average $300k or more and they keep their ticket prices reasonable. The band should come out ahead in Europe however especially with their stadium shows since they charge slightly higher ticket prices there. By comparison it cost U2 about $750k daily to keep their 360 tour on the road because of the elaborate stage setup and their 400 member tour crew. Muse may have close to 140 members in their road crew plus many trucks and buses for transport plus food and hotel lodging. Other costs deducted from the gross touring figures include three different stages (arena, stadium and festival), support bands fees, tour manager, booking agent, business manager, public relations, acccountants, lawyers, etc and then whatever is net they must pay taxes too.
  4. TOP 25 WORLDWIDE TOURS (JANUARY - JUNE 2010) INCLUDING NORTH AMERICA* 1. AC/DC $178 Million 2. Bon Jovi $76 million 3. Metallica $61 million 4. James Taylor / Carole King 5. the Eagles 6. the Black Eyed Peas 7. Lady Gaga $42 million 8. Michael Buble 9. Taylor Swift 10. Muse (includes June 2010 stadium tours in Europe and North America 1st leg) 11. Eric Clapton 12. John Mayer 13. Paul McCartney 14. Whitney Houston 15. Depeche Mode 16. Nickelback $31 million 17. George Strait / Reba / Lee Ann Womack 18. Rammstein 19. Tim McGraw 20. Coldplay 21. Jay-Z 22. Elton John / Billy Joel 23. Alicia Keyes 24. Gun N' Roses w/o Slash 25. Rod Stewart $22 million Source: Pollstar and Billboard Boxscore; Eagles management; and updated estimates for Muse
  5. Uprising surprisingly was never promoted at Mainstream Top 40 pop radio in the USA by their record label. Despite this the first single from TR still went gold. Muse hopefully will get their first Grammy nomination in early December when this years nominations are announced by NARAS in Hollywood.
  6. (Speculation only) Matt Bellamy disguised himself in order to watch Prince perform at Roskilde last week. I think he may have been doing some research because he may be playing some riffs of Prince songs at the Target Center gig in early October. As some of you may know, the First Avenue nightclub where scenes for Purple Rain were filmed in 1983 is only a block from the venue. Also Paisley Park studios is located about 21 miles away. There is definitely some Prince influence on SMBH and I am certain these two musical geniuses would have a lot to talk about. Let's hope Matt was able to get some contact info for him while in Denmark. Below is a review of Muse's last show in Minneapolis which was posted by Greg Swan on his Perfect Porridge blog website four years ago: State Theater, Minneapolis MN (July 26, 2006) As 2,000+Muse fans piled into the historic State Theater for Muse’s sold out show Wednesday evening, there’s no question escaping the 90 degree heat wave — essentially hell for snow-loving Minnesotans — was foremost in the minds of the tattooed, studded, Batman shirt, and/or ripped jean-sporting Muse fans. But what waited inside the cool confines of the aging Victorian venue was a blistering fury of emotion, intensity, passion and guilty rapture, marred only by a shorter-than-desired set and a penchant for 100+ decibels. Muse, who haven’t visited the Twin Cities since their sold out Quest Club stop in November 2004, were instantaneously more at home in the larger State Theater. The 1920s Minneapolis gem is a veritable explosion of ostentatious gold leaf ornamentation, and the perfect over-the-top, melodramatic venue for three childhood friends from Teignmouth, U.K. to put on the performance of the year for a sold-out crowd of Minneapolis hipsters. Read on… Opening the show was New York’s The Cloud Room, who had persistent sound issues on the lead vocal mic, prompting more than a few hundred show-goers to head back into sticky 90-degree heat for an aggravated smoke before Muse finally took the stage. Considering their following and stature in the U.K., Muse is relatively under-hyped in the states, especially after spending more of their career casting aside Radiohead comparisons than embracing their individual recognition. And as the childhood friends took the stage on this night, they look like energetic rag-topped youngsters on their first tour (not rock veterans with four acclaimed albums and a global following). The staging for Muse’s 2006 tour is distinctly understated. A center stage riser held Dominic Howard’s drum kit, while four sheets of soaring white fabric created a cinematic canvas in the background. As the show progressed, fog machines belched, textured lights danced and the crowd bobbed their heads in time to a choreographed light symphony steeped in seizure-induced strobes (disclaimers were posted at Will Call). Kicking off with “Take a Bow” from the new album, Black Holes and Revelations, Muse immediately launched into a near-perfect studio vocal and instrumental replication of every song they tackled; all while exhibiting extraordinary showmanship laced with a knowing superiority few would question. At times, singer/guitarist Matthew Bellamy would look out at the crowd while telepathically communicating, “We are Muse. You are here because you know we are great. Here comes another mind-bending song that will give you shivers.” And while the new album may have lost some of the grit of previous offerings, the evolution to this more polished, refined sound was extreme and intimate live in concert. With an overindulgent, minimalism-scoffing approach to progressive electro-rock, Muse literally shook State Theater’s rafters – causing theater ushers to scurry across the main floor distributing fistfuls of earplugs to a surprising number of takers. While the setlist transitioned mainly between tracks from “Black Holes and Revelations” and their preceding U.S. favorite, Absolution, the trio couldn’t help but break into early classics from Showbiz (“Sunburn”) and Origin of Symmetry (“New Born”), with a resounding crowd roar at the initial chords of each. Yet overall, the audience had no qualms with a set reliant on all but one track from Revelations, released only two weeks prior to the show. And while it’s always been a foundation of Muse, the newer material puts much more value in two and three part harmonies – a welcome addition and surprisingly effective live enhancement. Retiring twice from his mirrored guitar to a white upright piano tucked towards the back of the stage, Bellamy effortlessly transitioned from nonchalant guitar rock God to emotive classical pianist – all while crooning, serenading and belting out his signature perfect pitch tenor vocals. Bassist Chris Wolstenholme, dressed in black shirt and narrow white tie, did his best to complement Bellamy’s natural rock star prowess, although he seemed most comfortable staring off into a spacey nether while methodically setting forth the framework for each song. Drummer Dominic Howard, dressed in white shirt and narrow black tie, added to the driving bass line with his signature trip-stomp drumming style. He also served as emcee for the evening, uttering a mere three or four minimal phrases such as, “How you guys doing out there?” The music spoke for itself, anyway. And while the favorite song of the night was the first encore, “Time is Running Out,” of which the audience couldn’t help but sing along, it was the final song, “Knights of Cydonia,” which brought all the elements together. As the trio embarked the closing aural adventure of the evening, chorus lyrics punctuated the projection screens married with shots of galloping horses and psychedelic camera work: “You and I must fight for our rights, You and I must fight to survive.” Muse is not, has never and will never be Radiohead, nor do they wish to be. Rather, they are an unapologetic epitome of themselves. The comparisons ended for me in a sticky Minneapolis theater amidst the most pretentious, eccentric allusion of grandeur that I’ve actually welcomed and couldn’t help but embrace.
  7. Actual gross ticket sales for the 22 shows of the first leg of the MUSE tour in North America from January through June 2010 are now available courtesy of Pollstar: $14.1 million Average ticket price: $45.81 Average # tickets sold: 14,025 Total tickets sold: 308,559 Average gross per gig: $642,513 The average figures shown above are skewed upwards because of the 50,000 tickets sold for the Mexico City concert in April. One show apparently was not included in the Pollstar figures however. When the headlining fees they received for performing at Coachella and the two radio shows including SXSW are added to the $14.1 million their total North America gross is approx $15 million. MUSE are expected to gross another $9-10 million for their 18 scheduled shows on the second leg of their North America tour taking place in September and October 2010. MUSE rank at #19 of the top grossing acts in North America for the first half of 2010 according to Pollstar. They rank as one of the top five highest grossing touring rock bands behind just Bon Jovi, the Eagles, and Nickelback. Source: Pollstar.com http://www.pollstarpro.com/specialfeatures2010/2010MidYearTop100Tours.pdf
  8. I updated two of my recent posts above with the latest radio airplay stats for the band in the USA. The Resistance has now sold more than 500k copies in the United Kingdom, France and the United States and has sold about 2.6 million copies worldwide. Last week due to their headlining performance at Glastonbury which was broadcast on the BBC the album experienced a massive sales jump and sold approx 10k copies in the UK. It climbed from #62 to #13 on the Official UK Album chart last week and this week it occupies #22. It continues to sell about 4-6k copies a week in the USA.
  9. Glastonbury Festival (23-27 June 2010 in Somerset, UK) Promoter: Live Nation Estimated 2010 festival turnover of £30 million based on average ticket price of £185 and 140-150k tickets sold compared with turnover of £15 million in 2005 and turnover of £24 million in 2008 which was just above break-even. 2010 headliner fees for Stevie Wonder and Muse and Gorillaz are estimated to be no more than £300000 per media reports. The rest of the proceeds are to cover other band fees and costs incurred by Michael Eavis including the use of his farm and donations to charities. Bands like Bruce Springsteen a year ago typically accept lower fees to perform at Glastonbury than at other festivals because of the publicity and coverage provided by the BBC.
  10. $21,703,500 Gross ticket sales Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (April 16-18, 2010 Indio, CA) Attendance: 225,000 three sellouts Ticket prices: 75,000 @ $269 and a few sold @ $649 Promoters: Goldenvoice/AEG Live Source: Billboard Boxscore Headliner acts reportedly earned high six figure fees this year except for Jay-Z who probably got at least $1 million or more. It was rumoured RATM earned a million dollars to re-unite and play Coachella a few years ago so Muse likely earned the same or slightly less than them. Prince and Paul McCartney probably earned even more around $3-4 million to perform there recently. Live music entertainment seems recession proof this year especially for the big festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Glastonbury.
  11. British and French bands still rule last week's Alternative rock airplay chart in the USA: 1. Muse - 2,283 spins for three songs (Uprising, Resistance and NSC) 2. Phoenix - 2,195 spins for two songs (Lisztomania and 1901) Source: Mediabase The single Uprising has now been certified gold by the RIAA. Muse continue to have three songs ranked in the top 20 of the Billboard Alternative songs chart for the seventh week in a row. NSC has peaked however and will not reach the top 10 on this chart.
  12. All figures in $U.S. currency. Thanks to Halo Eighteen for providing some of the figures below. I copied and pasted them from the North American tour stats thread. Europe Actual Gross Ticket Sales/Attendance reported by promoters 22. October 2009 Helsinki, Finland - Hartwall Areena $889,340 12,348 / 12,348 (100%) $73.29 / $70.30 Live Nation International 25. October 2009 Oslo, Norway - Spektrum $670,856 8,294 / 8,428 (98.41%) $85.55 / $76.55 Live Nation International 2. November 2009 Antwerp, Belgium - Sportpaleis $961,067 18,033 / 18,033 (100%) $57.37 / $51.49 / $44.13 Live Nation International 12-13 November 2009 London, U.K. - O2 Arena $2,173,260 38,130 / 38,240 (99.71%) (1 of 2 sellouts) $62.55 S.J.M. Concerts 14. November 2009 Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands – Ahoy $622,112 10,940 / 10,940 (100%) $63.96 / $55.03 Live Nation International 24. November 2009 Palau Sant Jordi Barcelona, Spain – Palau Saint Jordi $769,177 14,896 / 17,960 (82.94%) $52.30 Live Nation International 28. November 2009 Madrid, Spain – Palacio de los Deportes $834,134 15,954 / 15,954 (100%) $52.28 Live Nation International Estimated Grosses/Attendance 2. June 2010 Bern, Switzerland – Stade de Suisse $2,000,000 30000-35000 8. June 2010 Milan, Italy – Stadio San Siro $4,300,000 65000-70000 11-12 June 2010 Paris, France – Stade de France $9,000,000 140000-150000 16. June 2010 Madrid, Spain – Estadio Vicente Calderon $3,000,000 45000-50000 19. June 2010 Nijmegen, Netherlands – Goffertpark $3,100,000 50000-55000 4. September 2010 Manchester, United Kingdom – LCCC $3,600,000 50000-55000 10-11 September 2010 London, United Kingdom – Wembley Stadium $10,000,000 150000-160000 Comparison with U2 360 tour actual grosses/attendance last year 11-12 July 2009 Paris, France – Stade de France $20,902,760 186544 -two sellouts 14-15 August 2009 London, United Kingdom – Wembley Stadium $20,680,860 164244 – two sellouts 7-8 July 2009 Milan, Italy – Stadio San Siro $15,168,799 153806 – two sellouts NOTE: The U2 average ticket price was about $95-$110 while the average ticket price for MUSE is estimated to be the equivalent of $60-$70.
  13. Muse have 3 songs residing concurrently in the Top 15 on the latest Billboard Alternative rock radio airplay chart which is a rather remarkable achievement: #7 Resistance #13 Uprising #15 NSC I believe the last band to have 3 songs in the Top 20 of this particular genre chart was the Foo Fighters back in 2008. Green Day also had 3 songs in the Top 40 of this chart about five years ago. Muse set a record earlier this year by having 2 songs from TR in the Top 3 of this chart at the same time. Muse have now sold just under 2 million albums in the USA. Worldwide album sales for the band now total about 11 million with BH&R being the top seller so far with approx 3 million sold.
  14. Below are the six albums featuring Matt Bellamy written songs which were ranked on the Billboard 200 chart for the week ending 13 June 2010: #2 Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack "Neutron Star Collision" - 400k copies sold since its release #97 The Resistance - Certified Gold (500k+ copies sold) - 5k copies sold last week #121 Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment - "Soaked" cover - 5k copies sold last week #134 Twilight Soundtrack - "Super Massive Black Hole" - Certified Double Platinum (2 million copies sold) - 5k copies sold last week #137 Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack - "I Belong to You" Remix - Certified Platinum (1 Million copies sold) - 5k copies sold last week #150 Renee Fleming Dark Hope - "Endlessly" cover - 6k copies sold to date
  15. Due to the heavy rock radio airplay and MTV video exposure for the two singles TiRO and Hysteria the album was certified gold by the RIAA in the USA despite Absolution never reaching higher than No. 107 on the Billboard chart. It kept selling fewer than 10k copies for many weeks until it reached the 500k threshold. It was because of hearing Hysteria on the radio that I became a Muser.
  16. Yes, in my chart ranking posted above the Muse singles released in the USA were ranked based on radio airplay at alternative/modern rock stations such as KROQ in Los Angeles and not on downloads or other sales. "Uprising" peaked at No 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. This chart combines radio airplay from all station formats/genres and also includes singles.sales such as downloads from iTunes as well as physical units sold. "Uprising" debuted at No. 9 on the official UK singles chart while NSC debuted at No. 11 two weeks ago. I believe at least six other singles from prior Muse albums have charted in the Top Ten on the UK singles chart. Also, I think Muse have now sold close to 11 million albums worldwide since 1999 as well as several million singles and digital downloads. Breakdown of estimated total global album sales follow below: TR 2.6 million BH&R 3 million HAARP 700k Absolution 2.5 million OoS 1.5 million Hullabaloo 500k Showbiz 500k
  17. Songs ranked by peak position reached on Billboard's Alternative Songs/Modern Rock radio airplay chart based on weekly spins monitored by Nielsen/BDS at 60+ modern rock radio stations in the USA: #1 "Madness" (a chart record-setting 19 non-consecutive weeks @ No. 1 and 38 consecutive weeks in the top ten and a total of 41 weeks on the chart) - Certified 2x multi-Platinum by the RIAA selling over 2 million digital downloads plus streaming according to Nielsen Music - Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #45 and Billboard Triple A Chart Peak Position #4 #1 "Uprising" (17 non-consecutive weeks @ No. 1; 28 weeks in the top three; 44 weeks in the top ten; and 53 total weeks on the chart) - Sold over 2.5 million digital downloads according to Nielsen Music - Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #37 #1 "Dead Inside" (5 weeks @ No. 1 and 20 total weeks on the chart) - Mainstream Rock Songs Airplay Chart Peak Position at #10 and Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #111 #1 "Resistance" (4 weeks @ No. 1 and 33 total weeks on the chart) - Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #114 #1 "Thought Contagion" (1 week @ No. 1 and 20 total weeks on the chart) - Mainstream Rock Songs Airplay Chart Peak Position at #9 #2 "Starlight" (Certified Platinum - 3 weeks @ No. 2 and 26 total weeks on the chart) - Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #101 #2 "Panic Station" (14 weeks in the Top 10 and 24 total weeks on the chart) #3 "Dig Down" - 20 total weeks on chart #4 "Undisclosed Desires" #5 "Pressure" - 21 weeks at Alternative [Peaked at #19 at Mainstream] #6 "Supermassive Black Hole" - Certified Platinum #9 "Hysteria" - Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 Chart Peak Position #118 #9 "Time Is Running Out" - First Single for the Band Debuted on the U.S. charts in April 2004 - Certified Gold #10 "Knights of Cydonia" - Certified Gold #10 "Mercy" #10 "Something Human" - Billboard Triple A Chart Peak Position #9 #14 "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)" - Billboard Hot 100 Chart Debut and Peak Position #77 #19 "Follow Me" #31 "Stockholm Syndrome" #39 "Psycho" - Also peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Hot Rock Songs Chart: #32 "The Dark Side" - Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Peak Position - Promo Track #37 "Reapers" - Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Peak Position and also made it to #2 at Mainstream Rock Songs Airplay #39 "Survival" - Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Peak Position - Promo Track #39 "Supremacy" - Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart Peak Position - Promo Track Album rank by peak position reached on the Billboard 200 chart: #1 Drones (79k+ first week pure album sales and over 250k units sold to date) #2 The 2nd Law (Certified Gold - Over 500k units sold to date) #3 The Resistance (Certified Platinum - Over 1 million units sold to date) #9 Black Holes and Revelations (Certified Platinum - Over 1 million units sold to date) #12 Simulation Theory (#6 Top Album Sales Chart with 33k first week pure album sales and over 100k equivalent album units sold to date) #46 HAARP (CD/DVD Certified Gold) #107 Absolution (Certified Platinum - Over 1 million units sold to date) #115 Live at Rome Olympic Stadium - Over 20k copies sold to date #161 Origin of Symmetry* - Approx 100k copies sold to date Showbiz has never charted. It was released on Maverick Records in 1999 and has sold about 100k copies to date. *This album was never released in the USA during 2001-2003 reportedly because record company execs thought Matt's falsetto on some of the tracks was not considered commercial. It was released in 2005 after the success of Absolution and finally charted in 2010 after the success of their album The Resistance.
  18. Total projected gross ticket sales for the Muse 2010 tour (Legs #1 & 2) in North America: $9,068,000 (17 shows reported for Leg #1) Actual $3,000,000 (5 shows not yet reported for Leg #1 including MSG/NYC) Est. $2,250,000 (1 show at Sol Foro, Mexico City not reported for Leg #1) Est. $800,000 (3 Festival dates including Coachella & SXSW) Est. $9,000,000 (18 shows including ACL and Voodoo for Leg # 2) Est. $24 million estimated total gross for North America not including ancillary merchandise revenue Average ticket price of $46 and average gross per show of $550k and average attendance per concert of 11,500 By way of comparison the U2 360 Degree tour has grossed approx $311 million with 3 million tickets sold so far for 44 shows and has yet to break even according to some media reports. It may make a profit when the tour resumes later this year and in 2011 after Bono recovers from his recent back surgery. Insurance will cover some of the costs for the postponed shows in North America while Bono recuperates.
  19. By way of comparison here are the actual box office totals for the two Muse shows at the O2 Arena in London, UK on November 12-13, 2009: $2,173,260 Gross ticket sales 38,130 Total attendance including one sellout Cheers!
  20. $15 million total gross / 400k total attendance (Est.) for 26 of 26 shows including 3 festival dates for the first leg Spring 2010 tour  Below are gross ticket sales and attendance (Est.) breakdowns for the 6 shows and 3 festivals not yet reported based on press reports:  $2,250,000 / 50,000 - Mexico City $850,000 / 16,500 - New York City $700,000 / 15,000 - Toronto $550,000 / 11,000 - Houston $450,000 / 9,000 - Las Vegas $400,000 / 8,000 - Vancouver  $750,000 ?? / 80,000 - Coachella, Indio, CA (Headliner Performance Fee) ?? / 15,000 - Tucson, AZ ?? / 2,000 - SXSW Austin, TX  Eighteen Halo will update the numbers if and when the actual data for the missing shows become available from Billboard or Pollstar.  Pillars, lasers, lighting/visuals, balloons, stage setup, crew and transportation costs do not come cheap however.
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