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    I am 20 years old and am from Alberta, Canada. I have 2 cats and a pretty impressive sticker collection.
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    Red Deer, Alberta
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    cats, karaoke
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    crazy cat lady
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    Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Mother Mother, Metric, Stars
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  1. We now have one bed open in our 4-bed room at Hi-Hostel. We are booked Wed-Mon, $196 per person for the entire stay. "4 FEMALE 4-BED PREMIUM DORM with shared suite bathroom, 2 bedrooms per suite, shared suite lounge area, sheets & towels included, breakfast buffet included "
  2. Yes - LA Sept 26. Parts 2 and 3, piano only/no vocals. Sadly none of us were recording but there were several of us creeping outside a door to listen. He was just messing around on the piano and then randomly started part 2. When we realized what was going on, everything just...stopped. He also did B&H piano solo and some piano from AP.
  3. For those of you staying at the hostel, have you been booking in the 8 bed rooms w/bath or 10 bed rooms w/o bath? Trying to decide which to get, hoping to end up w/ more musers.
  4. +1000 I've been working on a twitter campaign as well, using the tag #DeadStarForLolla . Once they are confirmed, I plan on tweeting it to @Muse and Chris every day until Lolla. I am also up for starting a Dead Star chant between every song. ireallywantdeadstar
  5. +1 for Riffgasm from LA Night 2, although Dead Star tease made me die a little inside. I really thought they were going to play it. :'(
  6. I know that it isn't officially confirmed yet, but I am making travel plans to go! I've started a twitter campaign for Dead Star - Anyone who is interested in helping, please tweet #DeadStarForLolla to @muse and @CTWolstenholme! I know it's a long shot, but after the tease in LA I need to hear the whole thing. I am tweeting it every day until Lollapalooza.
  7. Â No, he was in a hurry. I almost didn't get the photo! I went to the soundbooth to find him and he wasn't there, so I turned to leave and he was RIGHT BEHIND ME like I almost walked into him. So I just got a quick photo and then he ran off. Â My photos will be coming soon -they're all on FB now, just need to email all flag photos to Alice! Anyone wanting to see them all is free to add me, my FB is there <---
  8. The aqua hoodie was limited edition, AFAIK it is no longer available. It wasn't at the San Diego, Anaheim or LA shows. I bought mine in Canada in March. Best $80 I've ever spent
  9. Beautiful picture, I hope they got it! To any others: If you're on the floor, you can always try giving it to Kirk at the soundbooth?
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