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  1. @haze015 Well, I compared a version track affected by overcompression with one that didn't use much compression and I noticed the added layer higher frequencies in the spectrogram. Though, you're right, haze015, SMBH uses only a few prominent percussion elements. The thing I noticed was the "crackle" in the kickdrum on SMBH which sounds very "dirty" in my ears, but that's probably just my opinion.
  2. Well, everyone is talking about dynamic range compression and the loudness war on these 34 pages, but did you also think about the frequencies in the audio spectrum affected by the overcompression of music? I imported SMBH in a nice application called Sonic Visualiser (http://www.sonicvisualiser.org/download.html), and switched to the spectogram. I noticed that because of the compression a whole bunch of higher frequencies are missing (especially in the drums). The song sounds "dirtier" because of this, and the drums are clearly distorted. I looked up the dynamic range score for BHAR on this site: http://www.dr.loudness-war.info/details.php?id=102 . Well, as you'll see if you visit the site, it hasn't got that much dynamics :-( . TR is only slightly better, but is still "in the red zone".
  3. I read on the web that the original CD of "Origin Of Symmetry" contained a link to the website "MuseTV' which contained videos. I've got a pressing of the album which doesn't contained the "Enhanced" element anymore. I'm wondering what happened with the videos from MuseTV, where they ended up. I'm also wondering about the videos themselves, were they simply videoclips (which are allready online in the media player at muse.mu) or interviews with the band or something ? Please let me know if you find out something about "MuseTV". Thanks in advance !
  4. I was thinking about this, Muse have allready gone a bit "poppy" on "The Resistance" and on "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)" in their style of music. What would happen if Muse were the actual producers of an album by a mainstream pop artist? I know Muse is a band, not a production team, but it's still an interesting idea...
  5. Well, I will live this thread up a bit. I talked to her and we were together for a few days and I think I could almost start talking about muse and music (in general). But I really want to make sure that we know eachother well enough :-)
  6. Well, I'm going on school trip today with my class. We have been separated in groups, and she is in a group with me! :-) So I can easily talk about it today, hopefully this will turn out good.
  7. I tried to talk to her about Muse today, but it was a quite busy day today. We had a few tests. But I think she likes me, so it shouldn't be a big problem to talk to her about Muse. She looked very nice and beautiful as always.
  8. Tomorrow Neutron Star Collision's (Love Is Forever) out! A good moment to introduce her to Muse. Can't wait...
  9. Well actually in my family no-one's really a Muser apart from me and my mother . My sister only loves Michael Jackson (she's completely crazy about him) and my father listens to classical music (he's a composer of contemporary classical music). My mother likes Michael Jackson and the music that I listen to (Muse, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode...). A year ago she noticed two concerts on a commercial TV station here in Holland. She saw "A Seaside Rendezvous" from Muse and "U2-BBC". She went like "Oh, that looks cool, shall I record them" (they were broadcasted in New Year's Night). I was like ":D". In the weekend my mother and me watched "A Seaside Rendezvous", I was enjoying the concert and my mother was sitting there with a big smile on her face . When the concert was finished she said "Wow, that was an awesome concert. I was enjoying it very much!" . So my mother is completely enthusiasic about Muse now. But... on a holiday I was playing Sounds Of The Universe by Depeche Mode. The first song (In Chains) was just playing as my father said "So that's Muse?". I thought ":facepalm:, come on. Muse and Depeche Mode are two completely different bands!" I was also annoyed because I allready played a few albums by Depeche Mode to him, so he should know the diffence between DM and Muse.
  10. Well I actually tried to introduce one of my friends to Muse some time ago (and convert him, Muhahaha! ). But he still only really listens to "game music", you know what I mean. So he was like "I don't know" Then I was browsing through the media player on muse.mu and another friend came in (we were doing a school project together), and saw me watching a Muse video. He said "Stockholm Syndrome rocks!", and I thought ":D". So, maybe "my girl" will also like Muse...
  11. Well if anyone ask me what I think of JB in class I'm like: "Well, good". Meanwhile I'm thinking "Auto-Tuned teenyweeny top 40 boringness!!!! *sigh* " I've got a screensaver with Muse covers on my MacBook in class. I was wondering if anyone would be wondering what pictures I got in my screensaver. Well, everyone was sitting in class playing games and tweeting. Then a friend asked "What are those pictures?" or in Dutch: "Wat zijn dat voor plaatjes?". I explained to him that those pictures are album covers from the band Muse. He was like "Oh" and went on gaming. You see, it's pretty boring in my class.
  12. Urghhh... she's just tweeted that she likes One Less Lonely Girl by that Justin Bieber baby . Well guys, she really needs to get a good taste in music . I think I read somewhere that baby JB has written songs for the Exile On Main Street reissue by the Rolling Stones. WTH???? So Muse against Top 40 pop. Who's going to win?
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